Brain research and learning (Phạm Thị Dâu – DTF1057010007)

Hey, boys and girls!

Education is a total process which does not include only teaching and learning process at schools. Learning is even started when we are infants. We learned something by listening and feeling through my mother and expressed by acting. In other words, we absorb most things by experiences of our brain. Therefore, to understand more about how we learn, especially how children learn, we should know how our brain runs from the beginning to the end. There are four important points that I got from the PELT lesson, and I think all of you may know. However, today I want to share some analysis following my thought.

The first important thing is that experiences shape the brain. This may be explained why we act as we think. That is because the brain controls our action through the nerve and receives the effects through senses such as eyes, ears, nose, and skin. However, when we are inside my mom, we do not have any experience, so that our brain is nearly empty. Gradually, after being born, we experience everyday with something from simply to complicated, our brain also grows. As the result, our brain is shaped and developed through our experiences. Another point is a child will be considered to not be obedient if he or she does following what the adults say. However, let us think equally that if we were him or her, would you be obedient without reaction? The answers are “not at all” for most of us. Because we are not comfortable to do if we do not like and feel excited, and so do children. Their perception is at low level that is not enough to understand what they should do. Thus, if you are an adult, you should make an interesting environment to help them feel comfortable to do or to learn. That is the reason why the research shows that learning involves feeling. Any subject also becomes to be forced if they do not have feeling.

To continue studying about the learning process, the research shows that remembering is multi-sensory. This is completely true because we feel and experience everything by all sensory in our body, so that we also remember it by them, not only the brain or any sensory. For example, we learn a song by listening to its tune, see lyric and singing like that by your mouth. Sometimes, we also sing and dance follows rhythm to feel. That is the way to remember the song, and this is true a lot with children. Thus, as a teacher, we should apply as much as possible methods in teaching and learning to help children remember easily. The last thing is that making sense is essential for learning. As I introduced in point 2, learning relates to feelings that are created our senses, so making sense may motivate children to act and learn positively in class. That is the reason why teachers should use many tools to support for teaching and learning process such as pictures, music, dance, computer, real objects.

At the end of my share, I hope that you will get some useful ideas from the research to improve your thought and action in teaching, especially teaching language for children. If you have any comment for my writing, please give feedback below.

Thanks for your attention!!!


3 thoughts on “Brain research and learning (Phạm Thị Dâu – DTF1057010007)

  1. Hi, Dau. I got a general idea in your writing that is from Brain research based the teacher should give children a variety of activities or tasks to help children learn more effectively. i agree with your using tools for learning such as pictures, music, dancing, computer or real objects. These activities will motivate children a lot because they are suitable with children’s psychology. However, it will be better if your writing is more specific with each point of Brain research based. For example, after analyzing the point ” experiences shape the brain”, you should give some suggestions for teacher in teaching English for children.
    I also have a question for you: In your opinion, which point is the most important point? And why?.
    In my opinion, “learning evolves feelings” is the most important point because you only do something best when you have feelings with it.
    The second question I want to ask you is that: How do you think if we combine the theories of Brain research with multiple intelligences to give effective method to teach children? In my attitude, this is really a great idea. You can see that Brain research may be related to Multiple intelligences and they support to each other a lot.

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