research of brain development




The brain is one of the most amazing parts of your body. It’s a complex organ which allows us to do activities and controls everything we do, and density of brain cells connectors is the greatest at the age of 3, so most of the young children have ability to lean language well at this period. Thus, education authorities or parents should spend a lot of time on talking / teaching language to their child as much as possible although they don’t understand what you are saying, it is a jump to motivate their brain development. There are some elements affecting to learn language as family, school, environment, children themselves, and sense. Maybe, both of them have positive or negative effect on children’s acceptation language/emotion /feeling. Therefore, education authorities or parents should control or adjust correctly in each concrete situation.

I think environment is an important factor which has complex effects on a child’s brain development. For example : a child lives in a family which has both  mother and father can speak English  and Vietnamese language ,so these child can have ability to speak English and Vietnamese language well. Parents should spend time on caring, talking to their child as much as possible to make a friendly environment encouraging children learning. Besides, children themselves are the most important factor impacting to child’s brain development. We can say most of the children don’t have their own reason for learn language /foreign language, the decision to learn language depend on local education authorities or their parents. Therefore, in the class language teaching, teachers should have suitable teaching methods for motivate child in learning or she /he have an interesting organize of activities. Young learners can show their uninteresting in lesson immediately by restless or talking /jumping around class. Thus, Teachers ‘ responsibility is how to create a scientific and effective lesson and how to motivate child taking part in lesson .teachers should use many visual aids, games, songs, real objects, rhythm sticks which is suitable for content teaching/ lesson. At this age, children often have tendency to remember by picture, music, colors better, so when applying this method, I’m sure that children will accept language directly. Finally, I want to say that we should teach children learning language at the early age because of “the earlier, the better “


3 thoughts on “research of brain development

  1. I see what you means when you said that there were some elements affecting to learn language and environment was an important factor. I agree with you and i think that beside environment, the way of learning organisation or the curriculum also are the important factors that effective in learning process.

    Activities you mentioned about are very useful and necessary for the English learning ang teaching. And i think that you should give more detailed methods to create the environment for learning. Beside using games, songs, real objects, picture, music or colors, the teacher should put them into real situations, every routines and actions in life. Also, the teacher should give them activities and oppotunities to communicate and practise English. If it is possible, you should explain when and how does these methods used. Explaining all of them may be impossible, but one can.

  2. your shares is very good and easy to understand. this is a connected and logical presentation. However, i think the most important factors is education, but is not environment. Although a kid is very intelligent that is inherited from her/his parent or harboured in a good condition, this kid lacks of looking after or taking care of his/her parent and he/she is trained effectively in the school. Therefore, his/her brain cannot develop totally. Moreover, i do not mention genetic. it is also the necessary material premise and base of formation and development of human brain. the same Cam Anh’s comment, you should support some methods which is more detail to make a better environment.

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