The Advantages Of ” Multiple Intelligence Test”

Hello everybody!

My name’s Thao. Today, I would like to share some advantages of “Multiple Intelligences Test” to the development of young children. In my opinion, it is a very useful test for young children. This is because of two main reasons.

Firstly, it is the best way for teacher to decide the strongest field of students. Through this kind of test, teachers will know the strong points and weak points of students. Hence, they can find out the best teaching methods to develop the strengths and improve the weakness to help students develop completely. For example, to students are in Logical/Mathematical intelligence who have ability to do things with data, teachers can strengthen this intelligence by encouraging the use of computer programming languages, critical-thinking activities, linear outlining, or logic puzzles, and ect. As for students who are in Musical Intelligence, Teachers can integrate activities into their lessons that encourage students’ musical intelligence by playing musical instruments for the class or singing to make a happy atmosphere as well as develop students’ ability. This will help the lesson become more interesting and effective.

Secondly, through this way, teacher can understand deeply about their students not only in studying but also in their emotion. Children are persons who are not old enough to recognize everything happening around them. They need love, care, and anything they like. Therefore, we shouldn’t ask them to learn what we like or what the society need. This will make them unenjoyable and streess. Understanding them and talking with them like their mother or father will help them study effectively. This is the reason why we should use this kind of test in teaching young children.

Finally, I want to say that if you want to be good at teaching young children, you must understand them fisrt. A modern English teacher is the person who is not only enthusiastic but also creative in teaching. A teacher is also a mother of young children. Through my journal, I hope that all of you will understand more about the advantages of “Multiple Intelligences Test” and apply for your job in the near future.



2 thoughts on “The Advantages Of ” Multiple Intelligence Test”

  1. Hi, Thao ! My name’s Pham Thi Minh Trang. Thanks for your shares about the advantages of Multiple Intelligences Tests. After reading your post, I have some comments for you. Firstly, I agree with your opinion that Multiple Intelligences Tests has an important advantage of finding the strong points and weak points of student.Through the tests, teacher can help children to raise the strength and improve the weakness. You also gave some specific examples of Logical / Mathematical and Musical intelligences to make the reader to understand your points deeper. However, I think the second point in your writing is quite general. It’s very difficult for me to follow your ideas from the beginning to the end. I wonder that how the first and the second point link together in your writing.
    That’s all my comment..good bye!!!

  2. Hi, Thao !!! My name is Thuy Van.
    After reading your writing, I would like to give some comments.
    First of all, I want to say thank you very much for your writing. It is clear that your writing mentions the advantages of Multiple Intelligences Tests. Besides, you also give some specific examples of Logical / Mathematical and Musical intelligences. It is very easy for us to understand and focus on. Also, I agree with you that each person has his/ her own different types of intelligence. Each person will be good at one or some aspects.
    However, I think your grammar has some mistakes such as: “This will make them unenjoyable and streess”, ‘you must understand them fisrt”. I think you should correct them: “This will make them feel unenjoyable and strees”, “you must understand them fisrtly”.
    Moreover, you should say more about the ways teacher can recognize types of intelligence of each student in the class.
    That is all my ideas I want to share with you. Once again, thank for sharing ideas.

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