MIs and brain works_ Ng Thi Tram

Through the first lesson of  ETP341, I have known more about multiple intelligences and brain based research. I have something to shore with you, thank you for your reading and commenting your view.

   The first thing is multiple intelligences (MIs).Each person has some strengths in some abilities and some weakness in other . And there are several multiple intelligences per person_ which is the good potential abilities of people. Multiple  intelligences includes 7 kinds : Verbal/ linguistic intelligence ( language), logical/ mathematical ( number), visual/ spatial (view), bodily- kinaesthetic (phusical, gesture), musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences. Each kind of MIs has pros and cons for English training primary. That is the basic to decide the way, the method, the content of the lesson to teach for children. All MIs will be combined/ linked in activities to help children  have opportunities to understand, discover and prove their ability. It’s important for teachers to observe their children to understand their strength and weakness to help them have the best way to study. For example, in story telling lesson, you can use pictures and music to help children arrange the right order of pictures, then through the pictures they observe and tell story by themselves or go to role plays (relias). That makes the lesson more interesting,  more exciting to help all children pay attention and join in story.

   The second thing is brain based research- it brings the experiences to our education. Of course, brain is the important part of our body that controls our thoughts, our acts, our feelings…during the time, you have many experiences_ strong memories that help you know how to behave, how to do in that case. It’s good for children with the good memories to help them learn more better. Feelings have negative and positive feelings. Learning involes the feelings. If I am a child, I want to have good emotions at studying because I feel happy, fun and I like learning that is motivation to help children learning. Moreover, the research shows that remembering is multiple sensory and make senses is essential for learning. Thanks to our senses, that is important to perceive a thing through seeing, hearing, touching, talking…Thus, teacher needs to concern about the sense development of children to have many different activities which improve these senses.  For instance, in story telling lesson, music helps children feel the rhythm of the story, pictures helps them can imagine the content of story or role plays help them perform that story by themselves. Therefore, students nad students should co-ordinate together to gain the best knowledge in the lesson.

In conclusion, I think that MIs and brain works play important roles to help teacher have good methods to support for children. Children also know exactly what they learn, how they want, how they feel in learning. Specially, it’s important to have good ideas to apply MIs and brain mean for teaching children a foreign language. I hope all of you will have decision about your effective learning and teaching for PELT.


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