The implications of brain-based research and multiple intelligence for PELT

Hello everybody!

My name’s Van Anh. Today, i am very glad to share my journal about brain-based research and multiple intelligence for PELT.

About brain-based research

According to many scientists, the first three years of child’s life are the most important stage to help child develop optimally the intellectual potential. This is stage which children’s brain develop quickly about structure and complete the important functions. the parts of brain related to language, memory, listening and seeing develop strongly. In this time, Parent is not only nutritional supplement for the children but also instruct child participate in some activities to encourage the child’s brain development. Brain reaserch also help us choose appropriate activities with the child’s age.

Teaching English for children early is also the good way to develop their brain. At home, parents can call their baby’s intimate name by foreign language such as Tom, Bob, Bill, etc. to help child familiar with English. Parents can also teach child to use “daddy” and “mummy” to call them. It’s easy to teach English for chilren base on short and simple songs with funny melodies, simple words such as “good night” before sleeping, say “hello”, “Hi”, or simple sentences such as ” What is your name?”, ” How old are you?”, ” What is your father’s/mother’s name?”, etc. Using pictures, toys, games, and vivid activities to attract the child’s attention.

About Multiple Intelligence

Intelligence is the ability to solve problems or to create products that are valued within one or more cultural settings. There are seven multiple intelligences: linguistic intelligence, mathematic or logical intelligence, visual or spatial intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence. Using mutiple intelligence in teaching for primary students help teacher research and develop brain power of primary students to find the opportunities and educational choices for each individual. Moreover, we can orient and train to help chilrdren be able to develop theỉ talent in studying and have good orientation to the job in the future. In general, using multiple intelligence is an effective method in teaching and learning English among primary school.

I’m very happy to receive your comments!

By: Ha Thi Van Anh


2 thoughts on “The implications of brain-based research and multiple intelligence for PELT

  1. Hi Vananh. first of all, I want to say thanks for your journal about brain-based research and multiple intelligence for PELT. After reading your essay, I have some comments below:
    Firstly, I agree with you that apply brain-base and kinds of multiple intelligence in language teaching would bring many benefits. You also mention to some ways that parents can help their children to learning English effectively and simply talk about application of multiple intelligence in teaching.
    Secondly,before read through your writing, I expect that your writing can tell somethings detailed and useful which involve to teaching methods because at the begining of the journal, you mention that you will talk about brain-based research and multiple intelligence for PELT. You, however, only say somethings on the surface but not analyze deeply. So, to make your ideas more pursuasive, I advice you that you should analyze more detailed in which how teachers should do in class to help students learn effectively such as: using creative and interesting games, songs, stories…( base on some main features about brain of children) or you can say about the way how to develop children’s ability and improve weakness basing on multiple intelligence and so on.
    Anyway, thanks for your post once again

  2. I have the same thought that the children can devepole ther brain quickly from the age of 3. You referred the issue of learning English of the children early and also you analysed the role of parents in their childen English learning. This is a good idea. But you only talked about parents’ role without others factors. One of the important one is the school and the teacher. Learning at home is not enough for the chirldren, they need more especially in English.
    About the second part, you only list the seven mutiple intelligences without detailed informations. You referred that mutiple intelligences in teaching for primary students help teacher research and develop brain power to find the opportunities and educational choices for each individual. That is not wrong but in the English learning process, the teacher can not give each student an activities that suitable for their abilities or their strength. The student should be learned through many activities that based on mutiple intelligences to balance their abilities for better development.
    That is my idea and i hope that it will useful for you. Thank for your writing

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