Understanding how the brain works

Hello everyone

I’m Hoang Thuy Dung, this is my journal about brain based research and implication for best English language teaching. Thank for your time to read it and give me some comments. Thank you very much.

                                                 Understanding how the brain works

By understanding how the brain works, we find the best way to help child with everything to develop their brain completely. Bringing this information to the classroom can help teachers engage diverse learners, offer effective feedback that leads to deeper understanding, and create a rich learning environment that attends to students’ social and emotional needs along with their developing brains. When teacher introduce new lesson to children, it is better to start by activating knowledge. That help children build what they are already know, strengthening connections in the brain. However, to create the condition to teach children successfully, educators should be consider some research and strategies:

Experience impact the architecture of the brain. In the fact that early experience and interaction with the environment are most critical in a child’s brain development. According to Shonkoff and Phillips, at birth the human brain is an amazingly unfinished state. Moreover, some children has special intelligent or talent about ones section, they need to educate in a special environment to encourage their brain development. Depending on child’s ability, child should be face to some difficult challenge to improve their brain development to help them acquired many experiences.

Environment influences. Most of people believed that children need special help and special educational toys to develop their brainpower. However, in the fact that what children need most is loving care and new experiences not special attention or costly toys. Creating safe and emotion are some of the key that build child’s brain.

The brain attends to these needs first is safety and well-being come before anything else. For example, a child who comes to school hungry, ill, or frightened by something that happened on the way will find it difficult, if not impossible, to focus on what is going on in the classroom.

Children will struggle with learning if they feel afraid because a classroom setting is too restrictive.

Accoding to Jensen emotions affect memory and brain function. When a person feels content, the brain releases endorphins that enhance memory skills. In classroom, the emotion between teacher and children is very important. By start the day with humor. Tell a funny story or share a silly picture or children can draw, paint, or do other creative projects while listening to various types of music are the good way to help child feel comfortable to learn and child’s brain developed completely.

Implication for best English language teaching 

Primary teacher should consider some strategies to teach child better.

– Base on child’s experience using the pictures or visuals to help child guess the new words and remember them.

– Create some funny games with several levels to encourage child’s brain development.

– Link indoor and outdoor spaces so students can move about using their motor cortex for more brain oxygenation

– Ask child do some activities in group to make the emotion between them.

– Change displays in the classroom regularly to provide a stimulating situations for brain development. Have students create stage sets where they can act out scenes from their readings, demonstrate a science principle or act out a dialogue between historical figures.


4 thoughts on “Understanding how the brain works

  1. Very interesting post, Dung. You have read extensively on the brain research and learning. It is also very smart to provide some implications for PELT. I just wonder if you could cite the source for the article, for example “According to Shonkoff and Phillips,….”

  2. Hi, Dung
    I’m Mai. Thank you for your writing. I have read it and I want to give some following comments
    Firstly, it is quite good. You shared some useful information. It is very important to understand that brain’s development affects to the English learning for children. I agree with you that experience, environment and emotion are the basic factors, which have the implication to primary English teaching and learning. Besides, you also suggested that teacher should use some strategies. In my opinion, teacher also can use some other ways in English class such as playing games, singing songs, telling story, drawing,… They make students feel more interesting.
    Secondly, I think that it is better if you use linking words in your writing such firstly, secondly, next, then…. It is very easy to know the main ideas in your writing so your writing is very clear and logical
    That is what I want to comment
    I hope that we will find out the best way to teach primary English for children

  3. Hello. I’m Nhu.
    Thanks for your writing. I think that after reading your writing, I have had more knowledge about primary school students as well as some suitable ways of teaching them. You state some ways of working of child’s brain. It helps educator to have detailed understanding about the child’s development. Thus, they have suitable methods of teaching for children. Experiences and environments are the most important elements that affect development of the child’s brain and their learning. I agree with you about these things. Moreover, in your journal, you also point out many strategies to teach primary school students. I think that if those ones are applied, they will make success for learners in learning, especially in learning English. However, in your writing, there are some mistakes about grammar, and you should give some examples of experiences that children can get in their learning. I hope that my suggestions can help your writing better.

  4. hi, Dung . my name’s Thieu . thanks for your interesting post.

    when I read your post , I can see that it is very informative and useful. It contains a lots of interesting informations that the educators as well as the teachers need to serve for their teaching,
    Your post has provides us the precious knowledge of how children’s brain develope, so that the adults , especially the educators can choose the suitable teaching methods for their students and children..
    through your post we know that the experiences and environment are the most important and decisive things that affect the development of the children’s brain.
    I hope that you will give us more and more useful writing like this in the future. and I also wish that you will become a good teacher in the future.;

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