Brain Development (Nguyen Thi Thuy Van_NO2)

After finishing the first PELT lesson, I want to share some things about a child’s brain development. As you can see, the first 3-year period is the most important for the brain development. Therefore, children need to be constantly concerned and considerately took care of.

Firstly, at birth the brain is not completely developed. Most of the connections among the brain’s cells are made during infancy and early childhood, although most of the cells are formed before birth. Only the heart and stomach are formed in a most complete way.

Secondly, the early experience and interaction with the environment condition the child’s brain development. Therefore, we need not only to create conditions for children to integrate into the community but also to create a healthy environment for kids with activities appropriate to their age groups and gender. Indeed, the environment has critical role for children’s development, but children themselves decide their own development through positive, enthusiastic, and proactive participation in all activities, especially outdoor activities.

Thirdly, although young children can not understand what you are saying, talking to them establishes foundation for learning language during early important periods when learning is easier for a child. Moreover, we need to use soft voice and real objects. Actually, through storytelling, songs, sweet melodies or funny games…, children will have new necessary experiences because experiences are based on strong emotions.

Lastly, what children need most are loving care, frequent concern and comfort to help them feel the closeness of the family and school. Special attention or costly toys are not necessary and useful to build a child’s brain.

To sum up, experiences shape the brain and learning involves strong feelings. In order to stimulate children’s curiosity and exploration, we need to put them in the interaction with the environment and harmonize between teaching and learning activities with outdoor activities, funny stories, songs, and intellectual games…For different age groups, we can apply different teaching methods to create the excitement, the active when discovering new things in their life.

 This is my opinion about Brain Development. Thanks for your reading.


One thought on “Brain Development (Nguyen Thi Thuy Van_NO2)

  1. Hi Van!
    I have just read your writing. I have learned a lot of think from your sharing. I think that you have researched very carefully because your writing is very deep. You have four thesises and support ideas specificly. You give the forming process of brain which is scientific. You also say that environment influences to child’s brain. Besides, you also show that love and caring of family and school is very important to children. However, I really see that the third thesis in your writing are not connective, so the idea is not clear. Thanks to these things, you have plan to have the methods to teach knowledge in general and teach English in particular like using storytelling, songs, sweet melodies or funny games…They are very useful for us.
    This is my ideas. Thanks for your sharing!

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