BùiThị Yến _Multiple intelligences (DTF10570100)

 After finishing the first lesson of  English Teaching Primary, I have got a little bit information about Multiple Inteligences. In my oppinion, identifying the kind of inteligences of each student, each class and each age is very important. Because it is an important basis to help teacher decide suitable method for each one.

  In 1983, Howard Gardner introduced a book relating Mis named:” Frame of mind: The theory of Multiple Inteligences”. That book showed that there were 7 different kinds of inteligences reflecting different way of interacting with the world: verbal/ linguistic inteligence, logical/ mathematical intelligence, spatial/ visual intelligence, body- kinaesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence. Firstly, I will talk about verbal/ linguistic intelligence. In general, people belonging to this kind of intelligence have  the capacity to use language  to express what’s on your mind and to understand the orther. It means that they are so sensitive to words and sounds and the use of language. Therefore, they are good at listening, speaking, story telling, analysing language usage skills. The second kind of intelligence include people work with number patterns and following an argument. Understanding the underlying principles of some kinds of  causual  system, the way a scientist or logican does, manipulate number, quantities, and operations is not difficult with them. People having the ability to represent the spatial word internally in your mind are ranged in the third kind of inteligences- spatial/ visual intelligence. People belonging this kind will be good at many skills such as: reading, writing, understanding charts anh graphs, sketching, painting, deigning practical objects. If you have the capacity of using your whole body of your part of body ( hands, finger, arms…) to solve a problem, make something, or put on some kinh of production, you belong to the fourth kind of intelligences- boadily/ kinaesthetic intelligence. People belonging to this kind controll the body and handle the objects very well. They are athletics or actists, particullarly dancing or acting. The fifth kind of intelligences is musica intelligence. People in this type tend to be good at hearing and making sounds anh rhythm in music. Not only do they remember music easily but also they can’t get it out of their mind. Being sensitive to feeling of others and responding well is typical characteristic of interpersonal intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence is defined that is having an understanding of yourself. They tend to know what they can or what they can not do or where to go if they need help.

 In short, nobody is perfect, but they don’t have weakness and streghtness similar to the orthers. Therefore, teacher’s task is testing students’s multiple intelligences. Due to applying effectively for each students as well as each grade. In my oppinion, a good teacher is not only enthusiasm but also creative. Thus, you must usually change teaching method basing on the result of student’s multiple intelligence testing.


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One thought on “BùiThị Yến _Multiple intelligences (DTF10570100)

  1. Hi, Yen. Thank you for your sharing. I find it has some good points. For example, you gave names and characteristics of seven multiple intelligences. However, you should add the way using them in teaching language for students at primary school. Besides, you should give more information about combination among multiple intelligences to help teaching languages more well. This is my opinions about your writing.

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