Implications and suggestions for best teaching practices and optimal learning

Implications of Brain Based Research

in Primary English Language Teaching.


Studying and understanding child and development are  important parts of teaching young  children. Not two children are alike. They differ in physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth patterns and They may differ in the way they respond to things and people in their environment. Therefore, to help children, we need to understand the sequence of their development. Knowledge of  healthy brain development is considered as a basic factor to guide young children.

Researches of scientists about brain development show that early experience and interaction with the environment are most criticial in a child’s brain development. In addition, some normal activities such as talking, singing, playing, and reading which we don’t pay much attention to are some key activities that buid a child’s brain. That is the reason why we  will discuss the question “ How we can apply these theories of brain development in teaching English for elementary students?” in our topic today.

Implications and suggestions for best teaching practices and optimal learning

Starting with the idea that the brain is social and  it develops better in concern with other brains. Therefore, creating a healthy environment for young children should be concerned. The activities in English classroom need to aim at raising the interaction between students just from the activities such as work in pair, work in groups, interview, …  The group activities will give students a chance to learn how to deal with the tasks in groups, know how to devide works and know how to cooperate with others to get the best marks.

The second thing is “complex learning is enhanced by challenge and inhibited by stress”. This means that we should use a variety of activities as well as facilities in the way we give the lesson. Don’t always force students to do something that they don’t want to do. Sometimes, it is recommended that students should do some things more challengable such as having students of grade 5 build small plays and act about the specific topics. This kind of activity can help develop student’s skills like speaking, writing, acting,…

An other important thing is that the brain stores most effectively  what is meaningful from the learner’s perspective. For example, in an english class, the action of teacher uses a real doll to introduce the word “doll”  will be recommended much more than the action of just writing the new word and explaining its mean in their mother tongue. Teacher is also encouraged to plan the activities that can involve more students in. For instance, we can have students draw the pictures about the topic of the lesson to raise their imagination, bring their own knowledge about the topic into the lesson.

In conclusion, based brain research is one of very useful tools that help the educators find out the best teaching methods to be able to stimulate student’s creation, help them remember lessons longer and be positive in classes. Educators should have a deep look at the students’ brain development to get more sparking achivement in education.


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