Implications of brain based research (Nguyễn Thị Hương-CNAK33)

Brain plays a very important role for each person. Brain operates activities of human. Therefore, we want to educate people well and effectively. The first thing should will be brain based research so as to impact directly on the most important organ of the body.

Brain based research which is the basic for Primary English Language Teaching (PELT), helps educate better and more efficient for children. Primary age children are considered the foundation of the next stages of age. This is the age of the first period in school. This age is extremely important role. Children start becoming the really students, that means they start obtaining the larger knowledge.

In addition, we are aware of the brain and the psychology of the children, this contributes to help us to know how to teach children with an amount of knowledge appropriately to their age and it depends on the accessibility of each child. And then we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child.

Especially, children learn the surrounding world quite fast. Therefore, teachers should exploit this strength by taking examples from the real world and we should teach from simple to complex. Primary school age children are quite sensitive, emotional, innocent and pure. The actions of adults will affect to children. Thus, adults should be as the models in all activities and speech. Teachers also should not pressure on students. If you do, children’ feeble brain will be injured and it may occur  unintended actions.

Teachers not only improve children’ knowledge, but also should mix with the entertainment by fun games because entertainment satisfies curiosity of children. It prepares for labor, imagination, energy and talent after. For example, telling story with pictures helps children understand simply, improves thinking ability and practises reading, listening and speaking skills.

In conclusion, brain based research has very important implication for education in general and for PELT in particular. Since then, teacher can give appropriate methods to teach primary school age students who are the future generation of our country.

This is my opinion about application of brain based research with PELT. Thank you for your reading and I hope that you will receive  me your comments.


3 thoughts on “Implications of brain based research (Nguyễn Thị Hương-CNAK33)

  1. firstly , i want to thank for your writing, uh huh ,, maybe , i quite agree with you in your idea ! brain is a special organ in your body ,it acts and controls everything we do and we think to do…:P therefore, brain development have an important role in learning and communicating language of the children. moreover, there are many factors impacting to children development as family, environment, children themselves, genre, or …so on , thus educators or parents should give their care or knowledge in teaching there children , to help them develop totally and pefectly . thank you again .and good luck!!!

  2. firstly, I want to expand a special thank to you writer. your sharing is very understandable. and helpful. after reading, i have already known more clearly about brain structure and how to make it flexible inside children. i see, you dont forget to give some useful advices and suggestions for training-to-be-teachers as us when teaching English language for children at primary school. one of the important thing i have just realized that you have already implied to pay attention more on children emotion and their characteristics. it is really ” student-centered approach” that we also knew before.
    however, a little thing that i think i should tell you is some small mistakes in grammatical rules appeared in your writing. but the same to me, we have tried to avoid these mistakes as we are possible. i think it will be better after we practice to write more like this activities that Mr.Huy spent much time designing them for us…
    alright, the content is fine.. i recommend that if you have already studied about this research, please share with us. we need your work to build up our understanding further about it. that’s it! thank you again…

  3. Hello Huong. I’m Van Anh
    First of all, thanks for your sharing. And i want to say some thing.
    I totally agree with your ideas. The brain is one of the special part in our body. It can maintain people’s activities so brain based research is very important. As you mentioned, primary school age children are quite sensitive, emotional, innocent and pure so teacher and parents should use appropriate educational method which do not pressure on students. Therefore, teachers should give children chances to develop perfectly about personality and body. Besides, There are many factors which affect to children development. Teacher and parents should know these factors and help students to overcome.
    Once a gain, thank you so much! I hope that you will become a good teacher in the future.

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