Multiple intelligence in children

People said that someone who has high intelligence is more flexible than the others. However; in fact, each person owns strengths which are mathematical, visual, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and linguistic. Considering children’s IQ, Teachers should pay attention to their own strengths and find out some activities which are suitable with their abilities.

Firstly, Teachers need to recognize student’s strengths during the process of teaching. Clearly, each child makes a difference in learning and cognitive styles. For example, some children are better mathematics than language; they not only utilize the number effectively but also are able to solve all problems faster than the others. In addition, children possessing to the mathematical intelligence are capable of connecting logical events, imaging abstract objects and using symbolic thought.

Nonetheless, the others who belong to linguistic intelligent are the ability to express language effectively. They can understand what someone is saying and complex meanings better than the others .Moreover, linguistic intelligence permits them to develop communication skill as well as extend their social relationship. Some activities concerning with writing, reading, telling should be developed for children with this kind of intelligence .Obviously,it is not certain that all kids only take advantage of a kind of intelligence. Some can posses all types of intelligence. Thus, teachers need to realize their student’s strength to help kids develop their talent and recognize what their real potential is.

Secondly, Teachers should design various activities to suit to children’s abilities. Each of distinct activities allows children to improve their different abilities. This asks educators to know how to group students with the same type of intelligence into a group, then create diverse activities in the class and categorize them replying on intelligence types. For instance, children loving numbers can participate in some activities which are detective, strategy, arithmetic. Some games like Sudoku, Rubik, Chess are useful for them. In contrast, drawing, analyzing chart and grid and designing seem to be suitable with children who are good at visual activities. Beside, singing and playing music are considered as the strength of students who have musical intelligence. On the other hand, children who own the potential of using the body should join in physical activities like Hard-on activities, field trips and pantomime and so on. However, the fact is that teacher can’t organize all activities in a lesson. Sometimes, they need to combine in variety of activities in order to attract student to their lesson.

In conclusion, multiple intelligence requires teacher to design their lesson with  a lot of  effective activities. Recognize children’s strengths can help them develop their talent as well as orient the career in the future. Generally, every activities should organize to provide a good background to student .This will give their a good chance to realize their full potential in studying .

p/s: Hong son


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