Multiple Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence is a discussion of eight different intelligences: verbal or linguistic, body or kinesthetic, visual or spatial, interpersonal, logical or mathematics, musical, and environmental.

For example, if we have visual learning style, it is easy for us to learn through the eyes, use the maps or posters. The auditory learning style is learning linked to hearing like listening to radio. Kinesthetic learning style is learning based on movement and action.

In this theory, there are eight ways of teaching and learning introduced.         Especially, for the children in primary school, teacher should provide a variety of activities in English class to attract them.  One of them is Words are not enough. Without speaking, senses, colors, sounds and movements are very useful for kids in learning English. Some teachers only concentrate on speaking; they forget that almost of children are attracted by interesting things. The lesson will be extremely boring if they only sit and listen what the teacher said.  Besides, telling jokes in the class is quite popular because jokes not only help children practice language, but also stimulate them to guess the words’ meanings. Sometimes, teacher can tell jokes and translate it them into Vietnamese that helps children relax in their recess. In addition, it is better for pupils to play with the language. Teachers should let pupils talk to themselves. They will practice language by singing songs or reading poems. Some good students can draw pictures of songs or act out the songs. It is a good way for pupils to remember the meaning of new words in different contexts. Moreover, it is necessary for the teacher to remember this method, cooperation not competition. Working in pairs or groups is an effective way that encourages the pupils’ cooperation in the class. In this way, students will be more confident so that they can speak or read naturally with their friends without shyness. They also learn the way to divide their work fairly. For older children, tongue twister is very important to improve their pronunciation.

With MI, the teacher of English in primary school should not include all intelligences into a lesson. However, we should prepare other things, such as lesson plan, material, worksheet and so on. Pupils’  responding to our questions states that MI is effective and fun.


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