Nguyen Thi Lan_ group 2

Hello, everyone. My name is Lan. Today, I will talk about some ideas involving teaching english for young learners in this essay below

Children are the future of the country and education plays an important role in the development of children’s characteristics and intellectual. Generally, teaching English for young learners in primary nowadays receive attentions from many people all over world. Primary English language teaching is very important because it sets the main basic for langue learning process of children. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the teaching method for young learners basing on some main feature of children

Obviously, teaching children is very different from adult. According to many researchers, the brain of a child develops very early from pregnant and grows strongly together with environment where they live. Especially, the caring as well education of family and school bring an enormous meaning. Therefore, in the process of teaching foreign language for young learners, we should pay attention to main features of children. The teachers should not only give instruction but also giving caring to students. He/she need to be friendly, active and helpful. Additionally, language use in class should be short and easy to understand. Moreover, using interesting game, song, activities that are suitable with their age and level of difficulty will encourage learning spirit of learners.

Another feature is students will have different characteristics so teachers need observe carefully and have an appropriate approach and method to deal with them. Importantly, activities in class must be fun, flexible, various and rich the interest of most student in the class. It means that activities should have to be designed based on learner’s interest and desire.

Interestingly, children also have many kinds of intelligences. Actually, each has his own strength and weakness. It is very important that teachers know how to help students develop their strength and improve their weakness by giving caring and advice. Sometimes, children may make many mistakes in using English, but it is easy to understand and the teachers should find the suitable way to give feedback to students and provide them big encourage.

In conclusion, the progress of children should be assessed through whole-learning process. Typically, the teachers have to create an essential environment, which is full of creative language combining with creative activities to help students learn English effectively. It can be said that a child will become good civil if he/she is brought and educated in a positive environment which has the combination of family and school.



One thought on “Nguyen Thi Lan_ group 2

  1. hello Lan, firstly thank for your informative sharing. I have just read your writing. so i want to give some comments for it. First of all, I feel your writing is good both in your understanding about the implications of multiple intelligences in the classroom and your writing skill. You know the way to give the problem and analyses them. you study about children, their role and their demands in our society. That is really clear and logical thinking. Especially, I like your writing ability which I need to learn from you. For example, I see you use many conjunctions and linking words such as Generally, Obviously, According to, Especially, therefore, additionally, moreover, another, Importantly, interestingly, Actually, In conclusion, typically, …All of them make your writing better

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