The implications of the Multiple intelligences- Ha Thi Huong-G2

Hello everyone, today I want to share my experiences about the implications of the multiple intelligences in the classroom with you.
In terms of classroom instruction, multiple intelligences have some implications for teachers. The theory states that all seven intelligences are necessary to productively function in our society. Therefore, teachers should think that all intelligences are important and equal. From this theory, educators should recognize and teach a broader range of talents and skills for students.
Firstly, the implication of MIs is as a guide to provide a greater variety of ways for students to learn and to demonstrate their learning. I mean that teachers should design their presentation of material in a style which engages most of all of the intelligences because each student can understand and get knowledge by their different ways. For example, when teaching new vocabulary, the teacher can combine different activities such as teacher can show vivid pictures about these words, give realia by pointing out the object about the new words, organize a role play with the new words which makes students the new words quicker and longer. This kind of presentation not only excites students about learning, but it also allows a teacher to reinforce the same material in a variety ways. By activating a wide assortment of intelligences, teaching in this manner can facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject material.
Secondly, it is as a tool to develop a better understanding of learners’ intelligences. All students will come into the classroom with sets of developed intelligences. This means that each child will have his own unique set of intellectual strengths and weakness as well as have different learning and cognitive styles. For instance, some students are better visual learners than aural ones. Of course, some students can learn equally well both of these ways. Teachers need to recognize that it is impossible to accommodate every lesson to all of the learning styles found within the classroom to know their intellectual strengths and weaknesses. From that, teachers can create an intelligence profiles for each student.
Lastly, it is as a guide to develop lesson plans that address the full range of learners needs. Obviously, when the teachers understand the ability of each student, they will know what do their students need? And what is suitable or unsuitable with the different groups of students. As a result, they should select appropriate classroom activities/ tasks and use ELT Multiple Intelligences weekly/ monthly checklist to keep track of different activities and tasks conducted in the class. In addition, they can expand classroom activities for the neglected intelligences by way of examining and analyzing the checklists for a period of time (Khamis: 2004).
In conclusion, Gardner’s theory of MI provides a theoretical foundation for recognizing the different abilities and talents of students which is very useful for the educators, teachers and who will become a teacher in the future. We should study this theory and use it flexibility in the classroom.
Thank for your reading!


One thought on “The implications of the Multiple intelligences- Ha Thi Huong-G2

  1. Hi Huong!
    Thanks very much for your post. I found that your writing is very useful and interesting. You show us the role of multiple intelligences in education. You also mention the important roles that MI bring to our education. For example: a guide to provide a greater variety of ways for students to learn and to demonstrate their learning, a tool to develop a better understanding of learners’ intelligences,… That is good and necessary for us. As we known, each person is good at one field, so to discover the strong point of each one is very difficult. In our teaching, in order to discover the strong point of each student we should design many other activities or use MIs test to value their ability. For example we can give a chance for our pupils to sing freely to discover who is belong to musical intelligence then we can design a good method relating to music. Surely it is very effective. However, how to do it is what I would like you to add more in your writing. Surely, It will be more perfect.
    One more time, thanks for sharing.

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