The relationship between the brain development and children education_LATHUY (SPA)

In the ninth month, their brains are created completely. As infants were born, they are ready to learn due to the connection of brain cells. The more new things children can know, the more connections there are in the brain. In the fact, in the first 3 years, children’s brains act twice to the adult’s brain. Moreover, children learn everything through the experiences based on 5 senses and feelings. Therefore, it is important that parents and teachers pay attention to provide them chances to discover the world around. They should teach infants from simple thing such as shapes, sizes, colors. For example, if children are seen and heard the sound of a chicken, they will know and remember them. When they grow elderly, they should be given more challenging chances to approach new things so that they are always interested in discovering. For instance, they can mix colors like the red mix the yellow into the orange. On the other hand, you can work together to help them the child seft-control and positive behavior.

Although the children are affected directly by development, the success of their learning is based on themselves. For example, a child was born in orphan who don’t have chance to talk to parents is less active and happy than a child was born in a normal family. Almost children develop naturally, however, each infant grow in different ways by many experiences. Even, in the same experience, each child also has particular thinking. For instance, when teacher says: “book”, a child thinks about the book which is in the desk, another thinks about the book in the schoolbag. So teacher should determine and give the guidance and discipline to children to avoid their negative attitudes.

There are 7 kinds of intelligences concluding….as a result; observation is a powerful tool for teacher to develop the ability of each child. For example, if you find their children like singing and can be easy to learn by heart a song, you should try to sign a music course for them. It is clear that when your children are good at any aspect, they will always try to do their best. This is really positive way to adopt your children to be a happy child, even a talent

In summary, we can’t see the developments of the brain but you can see the new things which your angels do day by day. Teachers and parents should base on all of the original disciplines to teach and provide their children in the positive ways. 




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