Effectives of Multiple Intelligence in Teaching English for Primary School – Nguyễn Thị xuân- SPAK33

Multiple Intelligence has 8 aspect : Verbal Intelligence, Logical, Visual, Bodily-Kinaesthetic , Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal. Pupils tend to learn English through a meaningful approach to English rather than by a mechanical process. In order to make children learn effectively the teacher has to adopt the right method of teching. for choosing right methods for a given situation, the teacher must be familiar with different methods of teaching. since multiple intelligence open the door to a wide variety of teaching strategies. Base on the core activities, more number of Intelligence activities can be generate teach a particula content. Forexample , in the linguistic Intelligence, the teacher ask Ss to write the pfoblem and ask SS read the problem. with the logical, the teacher ask SS to find the reason and analyse the problem. After that, I ask the SS sovle the problem. the T ask the SS to find the solution for a puzzle. With Spatial, I ask SS to draw a picture. The T asks SS arrange the zigzag picture. Teacher aslo make use of classroom learning center base on the different intelligences- particulary teachers who specialize in the early chilhood year. Teacher encourage students to share the responsibility for designing and maintain the material. teacher work cooperatively and regrouptheir Ss into intelligence focus group. teacher also design a range of activities for each intelligence with Ss rotating through intelligences over a number of week. Teacher should embraced multiple intelligence because it provide a manageable framework for obseving and evaluating Ss. forexample, teacher comment that this approcher has help her get to known her SS better, and she particularly valued the ability to see their streng
in different area. through activities such as these, school can adopt a multiple intelligence approch that is not theaening to teachers who are entrenched in more traditional ways of thinking. Noting their student enthusiasm, these teacher begin to in corporate some of multiple inteligence strategies.


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3 thoughts on “Effectives of Multiple Intelligence in Teaching English for Primary School – Nguyễn Thị xuân- SPAK33

  1. hello Xuan! I am Ngân. i have read your share and i’d like give you some comments. firstly, i really like it because i also have some ideas like you such as: “In order to make children learn effectively, the teacher has to adopt the right method of teching”. bsedides, i am interested in your example. it is very clear to do. however, i think that you should mention some ways to practice more about applying Multiple Intelligence in Teaching English for the young leaners. in my opinion, there are 7 MIs so Ts also have corresponding method to develop Ss’s ability. To help Ss understand the lesson, T should take the learner to make center of education, to mobilize total strength and intelligence of learner suggestion and opponent a content to learn as far as get explicit. that is all ideas from me. thanks for your reading!

  2. firstly, thanks for your sharing!
    i like your writing because it’s very specific and easy to understand. I also have some sharing in the following.
    Multiple Intelligences is a very inportant part of education, but until now people have been aware of its importance and started to study about it. Noone is perfect one, each of us has our own ability. Therefore, as a teacher, we have to help them to promote their strengths and limit their weaknesses, in order that everyone can shine, noone is useless.
    In your writing, you suggested some pacticular ways to help students learn even though they have the diferent kind of intelligence. It’s very helpful. However, i think you should add some general information about its importance in teaching language to make it more comlete. It’s my own opinion. Thanks again!

  3. Hello Xuan! I am Linh. Thanks for your sharing.
    I read it and realized that it is very short but it is clear and easy to understand. You gave some ideas about effetives of multiples intelligence in teaching English for Primary scholl which is really useful.However,
    I think that you should give some ways to practise more about Multiples Intelligence in teaching English for the children. This will help them to understand clearly in teaching and learning English. It is true if you said that “Base on the core activities, more number of Intelligence activities can be generate teach a particula content”, but you should emphasize some methods pacticularly for teacher in order to they can help children learn better. In your writing, some methods are general if you give some specific examples I think that it will attract reader more.
    Thanks for your reading!

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