Lê Thị Hoài Thu – Group 03

The implication of multiple Intelligences _ Lê Thị Hoài Thu DTF1057010081

Hello everyone! My full name is Le Thi Hoai Thu of group 3 of the primary training subject. Today I post my writing on this page to share my understanding about the topic “Multiple Intelligences”.

The multiple intelligences (MI) which were purposed by Howard Gardner in his 1983 book “Frames of Mind” talk about seven kinds of intelligence. They are verbal/linguistic intelligence, logical/mathematical intelligence, spatial/visual intelligence, bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence. Thanks to the division of multiple intelligences, it brings many achievements in different fields of our society especially education. In education, basing on seven kinds of multiple intelligences teacher can find out the strong points and weak points of their student is his/her class. Teacher can use multiple intelligences test to ask students share their opinion about themselves. Teacher provides a sequence of questions relating many kinds of intelligence then students read and tick in their suitable statements. Teacher can base on students’ answers and find out which kind of intelligence their students belong to. This MI test is very useful for a teacher because it can help his or her have a good orientation. For example in an English learning class with majority of students belong to verbal or linguistic intelligence, teacher should involve student into the lesson with linguistic activities. Teacher can ask student to role play in the class or tell story,…etc to help them use their language more effectively. Furthermore, students can avoid being bored with simple lessons in the class before. Besides, students also have many chances to develop their ability more deeply. In fact, almost people loves doing something which they are good at and hate doing something which they are bad at. This requires teacher to design a list of multiple intelligence questions to find out which aspect their students belong to. Basing on the finding of strong points and weak points of students, teacher can provide the useful lessons in the class. It is easy for them to help their students because they know their students’ weak points and strong points then they know which activity their students are interested in.

In conclusion, my writing mainly talks about the seven kinds of intelligence and its applications in teaching. I hope that I can receive many comments to make my writing more perfectly


One thought on “Lê Thị Hoài Thu – Group 03

  1. Hello Hoai Thu!
    I have just read your writing, so I have some comments the follow:
    Your writing is rather good. You gave seven types of multiple intelligences that quite clearly. However, I think that you should analyze the contents and roles of seven these types to reader can understand deeper. You said that multiple intelligence helps teacher can find out strength points and weakness points of student. I think it is good idea because the teacher can use different methods to each student. While a class has many students with the different strength and weakness points, so the teacher should combine many variety methods in a lesson to attract student become more excited.

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