why tell stories? (hà thị thanh hương)

Before learning this subject I have just studied language teaching English methodology for students (secondary school and high school), and now I find that there are a great deal of differences between them. In my opinion, I think that teaching language for children is more difficult and complex than adult/teenager because they do not have their own reasons for learning language (English). According to some researches, it is said that most of the decision to learn English is taken for children by a local educators or parents. Therefore, in teaching language classes, teachers must create a dynamic and funny environment to motivate children taking part in lessons.

Teachers who teach for children must have both good knowledge and firm teaching method. Why can I say that? A simple reason is that children can show their boredom or embarrassment by jumping, shouting, sleeping, ..so on . :V so the duties of the teachers are management class and motivation them participating in lesson directly and enthusiastically. Therefore most of the teachers often make a lesson plan with many games, songs, storytelling, and act role …in the warm up of each lesson. And the fact is that this thing is very effective and attacks a lot of children in lesson. Through looking for some videos to learn about the English class of the different countries in the world such as China; Thailand; Korea; Singapore…I found that their teachers and their teaching methods are wonderful, they used storytelling technique to motivate children. Most of the stories were rehearsed by teachers but it was not monotonous because of having a connection among pictures, real objects, gestures and teachers’ voice .all of them are making a dynamic and noisy learning class .In that class, children join directly in playing role as a real character in stories. They can speak and listen anything they hear or see from real object and teachers will correct and help them develop skills. Children can learn vocabularies and structures quickly and comfortably. They are easy to understand the content of the lesson and like to accept foreign language directly. Why??? Do you know? Hihi, and in my own opinion, I think “practice makes perfect “let’s trying.

I think that I will try to apply this teaching method in each lesson in the future although it is not easy. I will try my best. “ try my best the rest will come”.


6 thoughts on “why tell stories? (hà thị thanh hương)

  1. Hi, Huong,
    I have read your idea about “Why tell stories?” and I think your writing skill is quite ok. You showed the differences between teaching children and teaching adults, it is not wrong. However, to talk and discuss deeply the problem that you mentioned, in my opinion, you should analysis and give more details. You should focus on some basic reasons why we have to use storytelling in teaching English to young learners. Also, you can give some examples to make your viewpoint stronger. These are all my comments for your writing. Thanks for your sharing!

  2. Hi, huong Ha!
    Thanks for your sharing

    I agree with you that teaching English for children is more difficult than adult because they do not have their own reasons for learning the second languages.
    However, in my opinions, you should give more details about some solutions that you have ever presented . For example, how to motivate students?
    Furthermore in the conclusion part, you wrote ” I think that I will try to apply this teaching method in each lesson in the future”. I wonder what is the teaching method which you choose to teach students ? It is a very vague conclusion.
    Thanks for your sharing one more time and looking for your answer.
    Your friend ,

  3. thank for your share about why tell stories? and i very like this.
    this share is very good,coherent and easy to understand. However, I think you should support in telling stories methods. or you should support some examples about each of benefits to help readers understand easily. in my opinion, i have an example about storytelling can help children to improve skills such as listening and speaking: you can ask students to retell story, require them share their feelings to characters, encourage them to create their own story. this is my comment, i hope it will help your writing become more deta

  4. cảm ơn sự chia sẻ của bạn về lý do tại sao kể chuyện? và tôi rất thích điều này.
    phần này là rất tốt, mạch lạc và dễ hiểu. Tuy nhiên, tôi nghĩ rằng bạn cần hỗ trợ trong phương pháp kể chuyện. hoặc bạn nên hỗ trợ một số ví dụ về mỗi lợi ích để giúp người đọc hiểu dễ dàng. theo ý kiến của tôi, tôi có một ví dụ về cách kể chuyện có thể giúp trẻ cải thiện các kỹ năng như nghe và nói: bạn có thể yêu cầu học sinh kể lại câu chuyện, yêu cầu họ chia sẻ cảm xúc của mình với các nhân vật, khuyến khích họ tạo ra câu chuyện của riêng mình. đây là nhận xét ​​của tôi, tôi hy vọng nó sẽ giúp văn bản của bạn trở nên detail

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