chalkboard Teaching aids are important in how well  a student can learn. Teaching aids help Ss to  learn and understand materials faster and  better. Some of these aids consists of visual  aids, audio, blackboard, chalk, chalkboard,  poster, picture, student and teacher, etc.

In my opinion, firstly, a wonderful  teaching tool that is multifunctional than the  others is teacher. This tool is convenient,  portable, uses no electricity, can be used  effectively in light or dark and is available all the time. Teacher will follow some steps to involve their Ss in classroom such as use body language, movement, eye contact, gesture, facial expression, speech, etc. Therefore, there are many ways to teach in classroom using teacher as a main teaching aid.

  • Teacher as a model in classroom: teacher use their body to do like a character in any story or they can make sample for their Ss to follow
  • Teacher as a narrator: teacher retells a story for Ss
  • Teacher as a singer: teacher sing the song in singing lesson or sing when they want to create exciting atmosphere
  • Teacher as a presenter: teacher introduce the lesson and lead the Ss on each activity charismatically and clearly
  • Teacher as a dancer: dancing maybe the most difficult but interesting activity in the classroom.
  • Teacher as a mother: the class is where not only learning activities but also Ss emotional care activities occurs. The teacher – a mirror has the role of work-ethics for Ss besides teaching them new lesson around their life
  • Teacher as a friend: to have a successful lesson, teacher needs to be Ss friend that help he close to his Ss. This connection will be a convenient environment for Ss to accept the new knowledge.
  • Teacher as a role-player: teacher can participate in some role play and the S will act other one

Secondly, I want to mention to another tool of teaching activity is chalkboard. Chalkboard is a smooth hard panel, usually black or green. More simply, they are generally a black or a white board and are used to write something with a piece of chalk. They are mainly used for teaching purposes in educational institutions. A chalkboard includes a large writing area, a writing substance and an eraser. There are some ways to use chalkboard as a teaching aid:

  • Chalkboard is the most available instructional material which can be used in presenting new lesson
  • Chalkboard is very useful to show solutions of the different mathematical problems systematically
  • The chalkboard helps T to present more formally prepared lessons or informal sessions that Ss can understand follow more topic
  • The T uses the chalkboard to write the important information about the topic. So that lesson’s ideas can be clear from facts to concepts, from cognitive to affective learning
  • T can use various color chalk or pen to draw on the chalkboard to develop the topic, show part or build association
  • T can use chalkboard to draw or illustrate a point-by-point outline of a lesson by a diagram, chart, etc.
  • Chalkboard can improve Ss’ thinking ability by direct attention on the chalkboard or visualize their own ideas
  • Chalkboard can be use to list the ideas or topic suggested in discussion. T can add, delete or put them in final form
  • Chalkboard can be used to helps Ss practice their work at one time and get feedback immediately by T and other Ss
  • The Ss can use mini-chalkboard combines with looking at teacher and give their own answers


Teaching song named “What color is the sky?” (Group: Nguyen Luong+Nguyen Mai+Hong Nhung+Phuong Thao)


(Grade 3)                                 Unit 18:       Colors

Song:                             WHAT COLOR IS THE SKY???

What color is the sky?

It’s blue! It’s blue! It’s blue!

The sky is blue

The sky is blue

                                                                                                                   What color is the sun?

It’s yellow! It’s yellow! It’s yellow!

The sun is yellow

The sky is blue

What color is the grass?

It’s green! It’s green! It’s green!

The grass is green

The sun is yellow

The sky is blue

What color is an apple?

It’s red! It’s red! It’s red!

An apple is red

The grass is green

The sun is yellow

The sky is blue

The sky is blue.

Purpose: Through this song, children will be able to use the structure “What color is the…..?” to ask about the color, especially things that have blue, yellow, green, red color.


Teacher (T)


– Ask Ss to guess the meaning of words: sky, sun, grass, apple by drawing their images on the board.

– Ask Ss to give the meaning of these words and the color of them.

– Play the song once time.

– Give Ss handouts and ask them to do an activity like this image:

– Choose the correct picture to complete the song while listen to the song.

– Ask Ss to listen carefully and play the song once again.

– Check Ss’ answers and give feedback.

– Teach Ss sing the song line by line (focus on pronunciation, linking sound…)

– Play the song 2 times and ask Ss to sing together.

– Ask Ss to sing the song again with clapping their hands follow the rhythm of the song.

– Divide Ss into 2 group to practice (sing + clap hands)

– Ask Ss 4 questions:

+ What color is the sky? It’s blue.

+ What color is the sun? It’s yellow.

+ What color is the grass? It’s green.

+ What color is an apple? It’s red.

– Ask Ss to use other things to change the lyrics, for example, use bag, board to ask about the color:

+ What color is the board? It’s green.

+ What color is the bag? It’s blue.

– Ask Ss to sing the song with new lyrics (3 times).

– Ask Ss to practice at home.- Guess the meaning of the words.

Hand-out: What color is the sky

Video made by our group:

Using pictures in teaching English

In classroom, besides teacher and student, to have a good lesson, we have to help of teaching aids. It is really amazing tool to help enhance students learning Nowadays, with a high technology, SS can have a active lesson. However, chalk board using picture to teach English for children may be useful.

Pictures are inexpensive, even be free. Finding pictures is very simple and does not take a lot of time. Pictures come from many sources: magazines, newspapers, posters, search engines, to name a few. Since many pictures are available from so many sources, it takes very little time for teachers to choose and prepare the lesson. Furthermore, Picture can be kept for long time generations to generations . Pictures can stimulate and motivate students to be come more express themselves. They can be used in warm-up activities by picture related to the main idea of the lesson, guess the content of lesson. Pictures can be use individual or group to introduction, summarize at unit and enriched reading and can help clarify misunderstanding . Picture can use in teach skill . In Vocabulary Building or Review , T can explain the vocabulary by picture to students understand easily. It means that using picture will make the children easier to remember and understand the new vocabulary that they get. In Listening, The teacher then asks the students to draw a picture according to what they hear. An alternative would be to ask two students to draw on the board. In Reading , SS can arrange pictures follow the content of the text . In Speaking, The teacher asks a few students to look at their own pictures and retell the story. In Writing, when T required SS write a story, T can give some picture relate to content of stories to SS can imagine. Black board is also main tool in teaching. Board is where teacher give information of lesson. Chalkboard is a screen that students can see pictures and play games such as guessing words, slap the board, hang man, .. A chalkboard can be a stage ,It can be used to perform dancing and singing.

There are my idea in using picture and chalkboard in teaching . Depending on the goals of the lesson, a teacher can manipulate the use of pictures and chalkboard in many different ways. For these reasons, they do play a vital role in teaching and should never be forgotten.

Chalkboard and teacher in teaching (Nguyễn Hà My)

As you can see, one of the basic visual aids, most familiar with each teacher is a chalkboard. It is not only simply tools and equipment that teachers use to convey knowledge or training to help students review their knowledge, but also encourages students and makes lessons more lively and attractive.

So how should you do to exploit fully the benefits that the chalkboard bring?

First of all, you should divide the board into small pieces and avoid writing spread. Each piece has a clear content for children easy to obsever and take notes. For example, when i learned at high school, on Maths lesson, my teacher gave us many ways to solve an exercise, but she often writes spread, not follow order, she writes any blank places, therefore we were very difficult to observe what the next is and write down on the notebook.

Secondly, do not stand eclipsed whole board when you write. Turning back to the classroom, you can not embrace and control what your students are doing. Therefore, it is better to stand leaning about 45 degrees.

Besides, you should present a clear table. What you write on the board must be big and clear enough for the students sitting at the end of the class can also be observed. If you dont have the beautiful handwriting, it will be good ideas if you write slow or use projector, posters …

Moreover, try to write in line and avoid to write “up or down”, this will make your students glitzy and they will be hard to concentrate on the lesson.

Finally, you should continue teaching while writing. This will make the lesson without interruption. To avoid distraction from the students, teachers should suggest some questions. For example: “what is the next?” “How is it spelled?” …

So, what is teacher’s role? Clearly, teacher is the expert for the organization, control, counseling, encouragement, motivation, stimulation and promotes positive perceptions of students in the learning process rather than the expert conveys knowledge.

On the other hand, in terms of social’s development today, the students intellectual have development than students last period, so the teaching process, the teacher should:

– Interested in exploring and understanding the life experiences of students with various forms of student organizations such as report writing, discussion, exchange of experiences, using their own experience to solve the task of learning or practical problems in the daily life.

– Interested in cognitive capacity of children to constantly innovate contents, methods and forms of teaching institutions. this is an important point, teacher has to concern to children’s ability, and definite which content is suitable and better for them.

– Interested in needs and interest in learning, emotional feelings and aspirations of the students to select for the construction and contents, methods and forms of organization appropriate teaching. Besides, the teacher can arouse students’ passion in learning and the will to rise up.

The useful teaching aids: chalkboard and teacher. [Nguyen Van Dung]

Materials is the most important in Teaching English for younger learner. There are  many materials which support the teacher in teaching process such as: blackboard, chart, projector, speaker…..Specially, both teacher and students are also effective materials.

As we know the main function of the blackboard is used to show or write the content of the lesson. Furthermore, Teacher uses the blackboard to play a game such as: clap board, show the pictures which are painted by students. Students can paint the pictures on the board directly.

Projector is also effectively material which support the teacher. May be, teacher are waste time for preparation the lesson by projector but teacher are free in teaching process, teacher can show many alive pictures about the lesson. In addition, teacher can insert many video which related the lesson on the projector. Students are easy to understand the lesson…

Teacher is also a material in the classroom. In order to convey the information the students. teacher can use body languages, eye contact, sing or dance….for example: Teaching vocabulary about the human body such as: head, lips, nose, eyes, mouth….teacher will express the part of the body and students look at the teacher and they can  guess the meaning of the words.

There are many materials which are used in teaching english for  younger learner. Teacher is a important person in materials choice. which is suitable or which is not suitable for students?.Using materials flexible is a important skill for each teacher in teaching process.




Hello everyone!   As you know, teaching activities in classroom have got effects or not depending on many internal and external factors in which there are two major elements that play an important role in classroom are teacher and chalkboard. Therefore, what are the roles of chalkboard and teacher’s roles in classroom?

According to some researchers, they said that teacher and chalkboard role as a teaching aid? oh , is this correct or not ? I think it is acceptable because teaching aids are tools that teachers /lecturers using in teaching activities such as: project, video, recorder, tapes, pictures, chalkboard…and teachers also considered as a teaching aids. There are some reasons to explain for this idea.

+ Teacher as teaching aid:  in classroom, teachers can be considered as:

1.  a manager: teacher takes part in classroom managements that maintain   the stability and silence without making noise. Besides, teachers also organize some activities to attract Students in classroom.

2. a instruction /counselor: teacher gives guides or advices when students need their helps.

3. a role –player:  teacher can join together in some activities by acting as a actor/ actress.

4. a composer/ a singer:  in classroom, there are many tasks/ activities which requiring teacher  must sing  a song, chant a lyric, compose a poem …so on …and the final purpose is that helping to student can learn more effective and more comfortable.

5. a story-teller / an artist: in some lesson, teacher can tell about a story or sometimes teacher must draw some  pictures without printing to describe what does he/ she want to say ?and helping the students can remember quickly and deeply.


Chalkboard as a teaching aid :

Absolutely, chalkboard is the power tool in teaching activities. Because some features:

1. Chalkboard is an ideal place to teacher can present the overall content of lesson for students.

2. Chalkboard is tool which presents flexibility, be easy to change and representatives for visual images. It is symbol of brainstorm and analysis.

3. it is a good place to teacher/ students can draw, write or hang pictures on or sometimes , teacher can stick flashcard/ objects or anything..on the chalkboard. It is a great place for both student and teacher in learning and teaching.








Chalkboard- best tool of teacher- Nguyễn Thị Nhung-spak33

In classroom, chalkboard is center, every student knows about it. However, what is a chalkboard? A chalkboard is a surface on which writing is done mostly in learning institutions. In most cases, it is made of a piece of board that may be painted either black or green.
With the emergence of technology and digital media in the classroom, teachers have a variety of resources to instruct students. However, the age-old chalkboard still can be an effective teaching tool with today’s teaching. Besides writing information or content of lesson, it is also used in many ways. It help teachers teach more effectively. Many teachers concentrate on how she presents information to students. Teaching too fast or too slow loses students’ attention. Writing on a chalkboard makes it easier to control the pace of a lecture because it encourages writing while talking—a task that requires instruction at a moderate speed. To help student see easily, you should :
– write large
– don’t write below line of sight for the student in the back row
– To make a point, stop writing, let students catch up, then discuss
– Erase only when you have run out of space to write.
Furthermore, chalkboard is a classroom management. Chalkboard instruction assists classroom management because it requires light. Visual aides that require lights off hinder a teacher’s ability to monitor students’ behavior.
When teacher singing or dancing, chalkboard is a stage. Teacher can perform at there, student will be attracted. You also call student come and perform.
In addition, chalkboard is a good place to display students’ products such as painting, drawing or test. Ss will be happy and proud if they can see their result at the board. When playing a game, you also use chalkboard in guessing word, slap the board, smile face…
About teacher, not only a instructor, you can do many others responsibility. For example:
– Teacher is a real object, you can teach about vocabulary of human body, it is easy to understand and remember
– Teacher is a storyteller, through a story you can teach many things by a attractive way
– Teacher is model, singer or dancer when play games or lecture
In short, teacher and chalkboard may be called multifunctional, you should associate effectively!

Amazing teaching aids in teaching primary students!

Hello everyone!
My name is Hoai Thu. Today I want to share about the role of teacher and chalkboard in class as a teaching aid.
As we known, teacher and chalkboard are considered as a typical image in a classroom. Traditionally, teacher is a perfect instructor who stands in the pulpit and conveys their knowledge to students. And chalkboard is a precious teaching aid that teacher use for writing their lessons. In this way, teacher and chalkboard only play a simple role in teaching. However, they can do many things than that as a perfect teaching aid. Why don’t we use teacher, blackboard and students as a teaching aid instead of modern and expensive teaching aids such as: project, video, recorder,…In order to help my readers know about the special role of teacher and chalkboard I summary some main point in this writing. Hopefully, you will take time to see and give me comments
Teacher can do as a flexible teaching aid in the class with his/her real ability:
1. An instructor: This role is the first requirement with a teacher. All teacher need to know how to convey their knowledge to students by many different ways. They ask students to do something and not to do something. In addition, they instruct their student how to do and what to do their requirement.
2. A manager: Teacher can manage their students’ activities in the class
3. A real object: Teacher can use his/her body to teacher student. It is a simple and clear way to get an effective lesson. For example, to teach students about the body teacher can use her hand, left, fingers,… instead of pictures
4. A role-player: Teacher can involve his/her students in the lesson by role a play as a character
5. A model: To help students understand clearly, teacher should do first as a model then students will follow.
6. A singer: Teacher can teach student a lot of songs without audio
7. An artist: Teacher can draw a picture instead of printed pictures.
8. A composer: Teacher can design a song, a chant or a poem to teach their students.
9. A speaker: Teacher can use her voice to teach students in the class such as: singing, acting, playing
10. A story-teller: Teacher can tell her student stories. It is a good way to help them concentrate on the lesson without bareness
11. An observer: Teacher observe the whole class’s activities in order to encourage them in the lesson
Chalkboard is a traditional image which is located in the centre of a classroom. It is known as an effective teaching aid with its amazing roles:
1. An ideal place for teacher to write their lessons on it
2. It is also a good stage for students perform their play, song or poem in front of their classmate
3. It is also an exhibition to show students’ work such as: home works, picture or hand-made objects.
4. It is used for drawing beautiful image and decorating the classroom on special days such as women’s day,…
5. It is a good place for students to hang picture, sub-board or stick pictures
Teacher and chalkboard are simple but effective teaching aid. In order to have a good lesson, teacher should discover some amazing roles that I have mentioned above. Hopefully, you will be a flexible and active teacher in the future with interesting teaching methods
Thanks for your attention.

The most important teaching aids in the classroom: The teacher and the blackboard- Ha Thi Huong

The most important teaching aids in the classroom: The teacher and the blackboard- Ha Thi Huong

Hello everyone! You know in the classroom, to make educational atmosphere the teacher need to use many teaching aids. So what is a teaching aid? Teaching aids is a tool that is used by the teacher to present new language. It can also be used to stimulate students or relieve anxiety, fears or boredom since many teaching aids are like games. Some of the most common teaching aids include visual aids like the blackboard, realia or pictures; audio aids like cassette tapes or CDs; and audio visual aids such as video tapes and so on”, even the teacher are also a source of visual aids. Thus, today I want to focus on the role of teacher and blackboard in the classroom. Firstly, I think that the teacher is the richest teaching aids source because they play a lot of roles in the class. For example:

–        Teacher can be a  controller: The teacher is in complete charge of the class, what students do, what they say and how they say it. The teacher assumes this role when new language is being introduced and accurate reproduction and drilling techniques are needed.

–          Teacher can be a story teller: Sometimes we can teach our lesson through stories, especially for kids.

–          Teacher is the resource: The teacher is a kind of walking resource centre (monitor) ready to offer help if needed or providing students with whatever language they lack when performing communicative activities. The teacher must make her/himself available so that students can consult her/him when (and only when) they wish.

–          Teacher is a actor/actress: they can act/play some characters in a story or the reading

–          Teacher is Organizer: Perhaps the most difficult and important role the teacher has to play. The success of many activities depends on good organization and on the students knowing exactly what they are to do. Giving instructions is vital in this role as well as setting up activities.

–          Teacher is Participant: This role improves the atmosphere in the class when the teacher takes part in an activity. However, the teacher takes a risk of dominating the activity when performing it.

–          Teacher is Tutor: the teacher acts as a coach when students are involved in project work or self-study. The teacher provides advice and guidance and helps students clarify ideas and limit tasks.

–          Teacher can be a model: They makes example and student follow

–          Teacher is a singer: when they teach English through songs, they can sing well

–          Teacher is a real object: Teacher can use everything to apply in classroom such as postures, gestures, body languages, eye contact, facial expressions. For example, when they teach the  new word “ Swimming”, they can use body languages to describe this action…

Another important teaching aids I want to talk is blackboard. Traditionally, we know the blackboard is a tool to write the main points of the lesson. This is limited, so I want to use this aids more useful. For instance:

–           Blackboard is a place where teacher can show main content on it.

–          Blackboard is a stage where teacher can tell stories by using flashcards, students can role-play drama…

–          Blackboard likes a piece of paper that teacher and students can draw or write on it.

–          Blackboard is a screen that students can see pictures and play games such as guessing words, slap the board, hang man…

–          Blackboard is a sticky notes that teacher uses to write tasks and homework.

–          Blackboard is used to play games: Playing Games. We can play many different games just using the board. However, games should only be played as warmers, fillers, or lesson ending activities. Here are the examples of games that we can play on the board:  Hangman, ,XO game, Bingo, Snake word game, Pictogram…You can also play word games which are good in vocabulary class.

The teacher and blackboard are the best teaching aids that are available, convenient and popular. You are teachers in near future, so hope you will improve yourselves to become an effective teaching aid.

Thanks for your reading!