An interesting experience with this subject in my holiday! – Phạm Thị Dâu (DTF1057010007)

Hi, boys and girls!

Firstly, I’m so sorry for being late because of some busy in my holiday at home. I also hope that everyone will have a nice holiday with your family and friends. Secondly, I really want to share some interesting experiences that I have during 2 days at home, but I think that may relate to this topic. Two days ago, when returning from school I met three children who live near my home. All of them are studying at primary school, and of course, they have to learn English as a compulsory subject. As being asked that how they were learning English and how they feel, can you guess their answer? Surprisingly, three of them answered that they really hated studying this subject because it is very difficult. After chatting friendly with them, I thought a little and realized that it seemed that most of mistake is belonged to teachers who own unsuitable methods in teaching them. That makes me think about what I have been learning in this subject because I know that there are many techniques to teach language for children which I should apply. For this reason, I see that playing games and singing are some techniques that should be used in teaching English. Because children are very active and sensitive with everything surrounding them such as objects, trees, or action. In particular, they usually like singing, dancing, and playing with their friends so much. That is the reason why they like both playing and learning that make them not feel stressful and easy to remember. This is easy to think but I think it is very difficult to do so I think we should learn more and try to apply the effective ways in teaching language for children.

Lastly, I believe that I will try to improve my skills and knowledge to become a good teacher in the future. Thanks so much for your attention!!!


One thought on “An interesting experience with this subject in my holiday! – Phạm Thị Dâu (DTF1057010007)

  1. I really like this way of reflection when you talk about your incident at home. It is very important to relate what you read or learned in the class with what you encountered in the real world.

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