My experiences about storytelling ( Pham Thi Minh Trang – DTF1057010090 )

Have you ever told a story for children? Many people think that it’s very simple to tell a story for kids but you certainly have overcome many challenges to do it. Because when you’re talking any story, you must use storytelling techniques to involve and convey the core message to them. In my writing, I’m very happy to share about my experiences to tell a story for children after taking the third lesson of Primary Teacher Training Course.

As you know, the most important purpose when you’re telling a story for students is to help them to grasp the content of the story and to realize the meaningful lesson from it. A question is given that how do you do to make children get it? Of course, we have many useful techniques which assist our students easily to follow the process of the story. Firstly, you can talk about the story cover with something like the number of the characters, the context that the story happened, etc. Sometimes, you can ask several students to act as the actors while you’re reading or pre-teach some new words. Otherwise, you encourage them to predict some events will occur in the story or ask them to arrange the pictures according to the process of the story. As the result, teacher has generated interest in the story and involved all the students. For example, in a video about a teacher in Thailand, who told her students the story named” The little red hen” she demanded 4 pupils to role-play as 4 characters in the story: a hen, a pig, a duck, and a cat. She asked whole class how these animals make sounds, introduced a little bit the personality of each character, and asked students to guess what would happen next. Therefore, she had appealed whole class to listen and pay attention to the story as much as they can. Moreover, her voice when she told the story was very flexible and beautiful. It combines with her facial expresses and body language which enhance students’ understanding. Especially, when she found a new word, she repeated them many times and tried to explain it by using actions and gestures. I’m really fond of the way her using exaggeration to highlight the hidden lesson of the story. Through this video, I improve by myself some effective techniques about storytelling. I wish i would have chance to apply this useful knowledge to tell the stories for my students in the future.

To sum up, telling a story for children is not easy as many people imagine. It requires the teacher must have a lot of techniques and know how to use them to convey the content of the story to students. It also asks the teacher to be flexible in choosing the most suitable technique for each story and each group of children!

That’s all my share about storytelling! Thanks a lot for your reading…



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