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After the lesson “story telling” in my class, I realize that story telling is one of the creative methods of education.
For the children, it is very interested in listening to English story. It makes them easy to remember the vocabularies, structures and details of story. The children do not fell nervous when they study English. Besides, this method helps to wake the favorite English subject of the children. They can know more about the name of animals such as: tiger, lion, rabbit, cat, dog, pig… and key points of the plot and character names.
According to Louise Phillips, teaching English by story telling will help the children to develop “understanding of human nature, an understanding of feelings, an awareness of the role characteristics people assume, an understanding of sequence, language skills (vocabulary, grammar, syntax and pronunciation), their attention span and their ability to listen, their ability to follow instructions, their ability to co-operate with others and an understanding of concepts.”
For the teacher, story telling is the approach that helps teachers to teach English effectively. Teachers can organize some activities such as role play, imitate the action or the sounds of animals. When teacher tell the story, the children can sit around the teacher to listen and see the sounds and pictures clearly. It also helps teacher to control all of the students.
However, in Vietnam, there are many schools and classes are not enough the facilities to apply this method such as: pictures, video, large place… telling story through the picture and video makes them easy to remember and have an impression in their brain. The children should have free atmosphere to fell more comfortable when they listen to and tell story. Therefore, teacher can organize the “story telling” activity in the weekend. At least, there are 2 or 3 per week. Teacher can replace the atmosphere in the class by the outdoors. Moreover, teacher can make animal hats to help children role play the characters in story.
Story telling is an activity that can transfer the motions and feelings. Thus, it is a great activity of learning.


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One thought on “story telling – Pham Thi Ngan K33

  1. Hi, Ngan. Thanks for your writing. I see that this writing is very useful. You show clearly about the puspose and benefit of using the method storytelling in the primary school. You also give about what students can learn through storytelling. That’s good writing. In my opinon, you should add some steps that teacher can use to tell a story. It makes your writing completely and perfect. That are some ideas I want to suggest to your writing. Thanks a lot.

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