Now I can confidently tell a story for my children

improvised-storytelling-techniquesBeing the fourth year student, I have already done a part time job as a tutor. And now I’m teaching a grade 3-student. I use many tools to teach him English skills such as games, music or pictures. However, I have a difficulty in teaching listening skill by telling stories. That is because I do not know how to make children understand and follow my stories or my style of storytelling may be not attractive enough to involve them.

I really recognize that I need to learn storytelling carefully. In last week lesson of Primary School Teaching, Mr. Huy showed us some videos in which the teachers really impressed me by their styles of telling story. Thank to these videos and the last week lesson, I think I can tell any stories easily step by step.

In my opinion, the first and most important step is preparing for children to listen to the story. Vocabulary is an indispensable part of this step. We should give children words or phrases that they do not know, repeat them many times and then explain them. For example, the title of the story may be a new concept with children, we need to emphasize and explain it.

While-reading is the second part which requires high flexibility of teacher. Teacher has to involve all children in story by some ways, especially, by asking them act as characters in story. After that teacher also instructs them some actions like animals with gestures, instruct them how to make animals’ sound with different voices. Whenever children have any difficulty, teacher must use any thing she/he have or do anything she/he can to make children understand the story. Moreover, a story often has many details, to motivate children and get children’s attention, teacher should gives children questions to predict the story or gives them task to do while they are listening.

The last but also important step is giving children educational purpose through the story. Children’s soul is very pure; therefore, it is better to orientate them to meaningful lessons about real life (friend, family, studying…)

Base on these steps, now I confidently say that I can bring interesting listening lessons to my children through storytelling.


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