After studying the lesson “story telling” and watch some video about the way which teachers use to tell different story for children in primary school, I have realized that story telling is an interesting method to help teachers in teaching.

Children are young, active and achieve, so they like taking part in many activities in their lesson. When teacher tell a story, they want to practice a part of the story. This will help them feel excited and easy to remember about this story, new words.

What does teacher should do to use the method “story telling” in the lesson? In my opinions, there are many ways to apply this method. I will share some ways I know to you. Firstly, the way teacher arranges students in the class. Students can sit around in the ground or sit in circle’s group. It makes students easy listen, see pictures and enjoy in the story. Secondly, the way teacher prepares before telling the story. Teacher can guide student to guess about content of the story and introduce the characters in the story or some new words. And then teacher tell the story to students. While telling story, teacher can ask students to perform a part of the story which teacher has ever told or guess what happen next. Finally, after teacher tells all of story, you should request students to cast the characters in the story and tell the story again in their language and perform in front of the class.

As you know, teaching to students in primary school by the method “story telling” is a good way help students to imagine, perform personal movement. Students have to express the feelings, thoughts and expressions of the characters in the story, so that they can concentrate on the lesson and develop awareness more clearly.

Above I have shared to you about the story telling. I hope that you will choose the appropriate way to use this method in telling a story for students in primary school.

Thank you for your reading!!!



  1. Hi Hong. Your writing is very useful. I see many advantages of using storytelling as you listed above and I also agree with your ideas. However, the important thing I want to mention here is that you suggested some ways to arrange students in class. I love it. “Students can sit around in the ground or sit in circle’s group. It makes students easy listen, see pictures and enjoy in the story”. I think if i have chance to be a primary school teacher, I will use this method to teach my children. I also rearrange student’s sit as long as they feel most comfortable while studying. they can take a sit anywhere to listen to the teacher and see the pictures or characters of story clearer. Furthermore, in my opinion, storytelling may be not a lesson, it’s can be seen as a break time for both teacher and children play and perform together, therefore it is not necessary to oblige them sit on benches and put their hands on desks.

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