Storytelling art_ ThuyLa

Hi guys!

I came back from a busy holiday 2/9. Today, I want to share you something about the storytelling which is one of the most effective method in communication, especially, in transference in education. Firstly, I totally agree with Berice Dudley in a definition about storytelling that: “STORYTELLING is the art in which a teller conveys a message, truths, information, knowledge, or wisdom to an audience – often subliminally – in an entertaining way, using whatever skills, (musical, artistic, creative) or props he chooses, to enhance the audience’s enjoyment, retention and understanding of the message conveyed. Stories are sometimes told purely for joy and delight”.  Therefore, in education, storytelling has long been claimed as a method, even an art, which brings teacher many advantages. Through the story, students could be receptive easily the lesson in a positive interactive way. For example, when teacher tells students about: “Cillderela”, they will be taught about the moral value that if you live well, we will receive happiness.  It is obvious that this method encourages and motivates students to pay attention in class. On the other hand, the wisdom, emotion and language would be improved as well as imagination; a special quality only is on human being. Enhancing imagination about the character, the fairy world in story contributes to children the hope, the dream and belief. However, to tell a story effetely, it demands you so much skill that takes you not only time but also patience. First step, you should select a meaningful story which is suitable for the audience such as age, level, and function. Next, preparation is also vital. Some techniques like pictures, videos and your gesture act should be used thoroughly. During the story process, your voice plays an important role in attracting students. You should adjust it both soft and emphasis when necessary. In short, it is worth using the storytelling in your lesson to reach the best result, therefore; accompanying with improving your knowledge, storytelling is one of fundamental skill to be a good English teacher.


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