storytelling in class

Hi, everyone! My name is Nga. After the lesson “story telling”, I find that it is an effective method in teaching English for students at primary schools.

As you can see, children always like listening stories. Have you ever make a question why they like it? I think because stories are very funny, interesting and they have many colorful pictures, many actions so children feel interested and comfortable. Children also love to listen stories in learning English because stories can help them remember new words, new structures in an easy way. It makes children feel interested, comfortable when learning English. Besides, telling story also encourages self-expression. When students listen or watch a story through video, pictures…they can remember actions, gestures. And then, teachers asks them to retell the story they hear, they can use their bodies, your gestures to retell the story in their own way. Moreover, stories can help children more active. Because sometimes, children must play a character in story and they must describe feelings, thoughts, and expressions of this character. It also makes children feel more excited.

Using storytelling in teaching language for children has many benefits but it is not easy as we think. To keep children’s interest in teacher’s story, I think teachers should:

– use simple words to explain to help students understand easily and imagine about characters, content of story

– change your voice and pause when you want to focus something in story.

– give some tasks for children to keep their attention. Teachers can ask students retell the story, or role-play. Children always do not concentrate a long time so teachers have to give work for students.

– use your bodies, your face, your voice to describe characters, actions in story.

In conclusion, using storytelling in classroom is very useful when teaching language for children.

It is my share about storytelling, thank for your reading.


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