Teaching by Storytelling (Nguyen Van Dung)

As you know, there are many ways to convey  a message, information and knowledge to the children. and storytelling is also the way to convey.

storytelling can encourage students to discover, imagine and interested in the lesson.

In storytelling, teacher’s role can use a short story and prepare some pictures….which relate to the story and then teacher tell the story following the pictures. students have to look at these pictures to think, to imagine. After the storytelling lesson on PELT, I found that storytelling is the good way to teach students. It makes students feel interesting and eeasy to understand the content of the lesson.

Telling a story can encourage students to use the imagination. Developing the imaigination make students feel self-confidence, personal motivation and student have ability to accomplish their nhopes and dreams in life.

Storytelling is not only imagination but also attractive. we know that, when we are attracted by somethings we will focus on it to discover like as when students are attracted by storytelling they will concentrate on the lesson and easy to understand the lesson by storytelling. For me, I see that storytelling is the good way to teach students. after graduating and teaching in primary school I will  use storytelling in classroom to teach students……


2 thoughts on “Teaching by Storytelling (Nguyen Van Dung)

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