The importance of storytelling for children learning at primary school _ Vu thi hong thuong k33

Hi guys!

After the “storytelling lesson”, I took some knowledge for myself. And now I want to share something for you about the importance of storytelling for children learning

I think that storytelling is really a creative method that makes children interested in learning English. with primary school children it is not only the normal way that teachers prepare an interesting story and then tell that story for children in front of class. In fact, storytelling is a learning method that students are took part in the story actively. They can not only play the characters in the story, but also guess the content of story. By this way I think that story telling brings some effective learning.

Firstly, teachers teach what they want effectively. The aim of storytelling is not just for funny, but it is for learning. Teachers always find the suitable story that contains the new words, structures which they want to teach children. Moreover, Teachers always use pictures, sounds, actions to illustrate their story. So children are attracted to the content of story and what teacher says. By this way, students can remember the new words, information easier.

Secondly, storytelling helps children improve listening skill. When teacher tell story, they do not write anything. They just use picture, actions…and analyze vocabulary by speech, gestures. To understand the story there is only way that student have to listen and observe. So that, storytelling play an important role in improving listening skill for children.

Thirdly, children are more active. They do not just listen, but they involve in the story. Teacher can call some nervous students to fake the sound of animals like dog, cat, pig…. I think that is really interesting and help students become more confident.

The last thing is that students are encouraged to use their imagination. They are freely in imagine about the characters, content… so that it stimulates the creative of students

To sum up, in my opinion storytelling has certain efficiencies with children’s learning. If you want to become a primary school teacher you have to learn the way to tell story. And you have to remember that storytelling is a learning method, it not only just for entertainment.


3 thoughts on “The importance of storytelling for children learning at primary school _ Vu thi hong thuong k33

  1. Hi, Thuong.
    Thanks very much for your post. I found that your writing very useful and interesting. It shows me the importance of storytelling for teaching students at primary school. In your writing, it is easy for me to find out the role of students in learning through story. They can participate in many other activities such as play the characters in the story, guess the content or so on. Surely, it can help student concentrate on their study without being bored or tired. it is also a good way for them to enhance their knowledge from the content of the story,

  2. Thanks for your sharing, Thuong!
    Your writing mentions advantages of storytelling and I also think that storytelling should add to be one of the effective teaching methods for children. Through storytelling, children will have many activities to do such as retelling, ordering, role-play…. This is really good for children because we not only motivate them but also teach them many things from the story. Thuong, I hope you will share more information about What criteria should teachers need when using storytelling method and share your lesson when you use this method.
    Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to seeing your next post.

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