The important factors to tell a story_ Nguyễn Thị Phương Quý K33 SPA. ( DTF1057010071)

Why do you think children enjoy listening to stories? In my opinion, the stories are very interested and mysterious. The characters in the stories often are Buddha, fairy, wizard, and evil. In addition, it is always happy ending, so children often enjoy listening to stories. In your opinion, telling a story is simple or not simple. Moreover, have you ever told a story to teach English? Is telling a story with the second language more difficulties than telling a story with the first language? In my essay, I‘ d like to share some experiences when telling a story for children after I take the third lesson of Primary Teacher Training Course.

As you all know, when telling a story, the aim of speaker is to help listener understand the content. Besides, they want to send the message of story to listener; especially; listener is attracted and like this story. However, have you ever wondered how is telling a story with second language when the students just beginning to learn this language? It is rather difficult to tell a story by English, but we can use many useful methods to help the students can understand step by step of the story.

Before telling a story, the teacher should use some pictures to describe the general content of story. After, the teacher can require students guess and arrange pictures in numerical order a

appropriate with the content of the story. Next to, the teacher may introduce the characters through pictures, typical sounds, acts, or some different ways. For example, when teacher introduce a “bear”, the teacher can use sounds growl…growl to student can easily realize a bear. When introduce about a princess, the teacher can use picture to describe princess. Alternatively, the teacher can use act and tell some characteristic of wizard such as wicked, old, ugly; especially; she often ride a broom. One interested way is the teacher can divide characters in a story for the students play. Each student play a character in the story that encourages the student takes part in story and they will fell more enjoying.

While telling the story, the teacher should use scenes from the story to the students can understand easier. Sometimes, the teacher can teach new words or phrases in a story by repeat these word and require student read aloud in the follow. Besides, the teacher can require the students describe this new word by physical activity, rather than sitting passively. For instance, the teacher ask students describe “roll” word, the student can rolling over rolling by physical activity. One of the important factors in telling a story is that the teachers have to use different voices for different characters. The loud or soft voices and vary the pace of the story must depend on different characters and situations combining with gesture and mime to attract the students. When telling a story, the teachers have to make eye contact to observe all class and teacher can use pauses to create tension and time for understanding of the students. The language telling in a story must use clear and simple to student understand easier; especially; to motivate children, the teachers should give questions to them predict process of the story or teachers can give them task to do while they are listening.

When ending the story, the teachers can require the students repeat process of the story, or asking them say their felling about this story. The teacher can ask students to answer about the meaning of story, then teacher give educational purpose through the story.

In conclusion, I think that basing on follow steps; we can teach English through telling a story. Storytelling is one of the effective learning English methods and very interested to children.



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