An experiences when storytelling – Hoang Thanh

As you know, storytelling is a good way in teaching listening to young learners. Actually, storytelling is easy to children in listening, but it is not easy to teacher in teaching. It believes that storytelling is an innate aptitude. However, many teachers were success in storytelling without aptitude because of gestures, tongues, and flexible changes. Therefore, you should not worry about your aptitude. In this writing, I will talk about some experiences in storytelling.
Firstly, I would like to tell you about the gestures. Storytelling asks not only tones but also gestures. A success storyteller is person who can act as all characters in story such as when you telling about Mr.but you need have gentle gestures of Mr.but, and so on. Eyes contact should be always face to students. When you telling for your students you cannot look at the roof or floor to try remember any detail what you are vaguely remembered. So that, you have to know by heart entire the story. Trying to lead student practice action of characters in story is way to have a funny lesson and help student remember story content in a longer time.
After that, another notes was listed above it is tones. The flexible changes in tone of storyteller is one key to a success story. For example, in the conservation of little red girl and fox in “little red riding hood” story, teller must continuous change the tone. Furthermore, teacher should lead to student repeat characters’ tone to keep their attention, practice their language, and help them easier to retell for others.
Finally, with entire the note above, you can easy to improve yourself without innate aptitude about storytelling. However, adding a little confident you will have success. You cannot storytelling with a quiver voices, and tremble gestures.
In short, storytelling needs to skill and skillful in tongue and gestures. Teacher should add more the flexible of teacher in telling and creative in leading skill students flowing story. Remember that success in storytelling is combination of gestures, tones, and confident.


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3 thoughts on “An experiences when storytelling – Hoang Thanh

  1. Hello Ty!
    After reading your writing, I have some comments in the follow:
    In your writing you concentrated on storytelling techniques, it is rather deep. However, your writing is not organized clear. I think that
    Firstly, you should give the reason why the teacher should use storytelling to teach English for children.
    Secondly, you should give what teacher has to prepare before storytelling.
    After then, you give techniques that teacher use while telling a story. ( that you mention in your writing)
    Lastly, you give what teacher has to do after storytelling.
    I think that if you write in 3 parts as I told, your writing will be more clearly.
    These are my comments, I hope that your writing will be better.

  2. thank for your comment. it helps me have more clearly about my writing. i will be more carefull in next times. i hope that you will read and give more comment on my work.
    what i want to say here is a mention of my thinking as an experience when i practice homework – storytelling

  3. hi, Ty. Thank you very much for your sharing post.
    think it is a very good writing , because it provide me useful informations ò how to use story in teaching language . and it’s very kind of you to give us some notes when using story to teach children , about the tone, the gestures…
    and I would like to recommend that you should create some extra activities to support for your writing .
    hope that we’ll receive more and more interesting writings .

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