Is Storytelling difficult?

As you know, teaching is basically the art of educating. It refers to the process of imparting knowledge and skills from a teacher to a learner. Teaching can be done by a variety of teaching methods including storytelling. Is storytelling difficult?


Previously, I thought that it was too dificult for me to tell a story because I was born with no sweet voice to attract the audience or the aptitude for telling stories. However, after the last lesson of  storytelling, I thought that I can do it well.


What is storytelling? It is believed that storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination. The problem here is “ How to use words, actions effectively to attract and encourage listener’s imagination”- this is the key points to have a good storytelling. The fact that everything will have a better result if we prepare well and it is the same to storytelling  “ be ready for anything ”.


Before storytelling, we have to decide “ Who we are going to tell? Telling what?  And Why?”. These questions will help us choose a story which is suitable and meaningful for the children’s age and hobbies. Moreover, it’s useful for our teaching.

And What else? Those are pictures or real objects used to illustrate what we are talking about.These are something that storyteller should do to prepare for themselves. What about the listeners? Should they be prepared to listen? Of course, the answer is “ Yes”. It is essential for us to revive children’s existing vocabulary and pre-teach new vocabulary so that they can follow the story well. In addition, to make children more involved in the story, we should  have students do some predictions about what will happen in the story, guess the ending of the story or prepare some tasks for students to do while they are listening. Such kind of activities will ensure that all students are actively involved in the story.


An other important factor is “ techniques used to storytelling”. The story will become boring if you just stand or read what happens in the story without any actions or sounds. So, what should we do? Storyteller’s voice is one of the most important factor while telling a story. It is strongly recommended for us to use different voices for differnt characters and use loud or soft voices in different scenes. Sometimes, we can use gestures and real objects in mime. Besides, the pace of the story should be varied and use pauses to create tension and time for children to understand. Moreover, the interaction between the storyteller and the listener is neccessary during the storytelling process. We should make eye contact, use facial expressions like clowns to draw children’s attention.


To sum up, telling story is also an art of teaching. We should combine telling stories with teaching to make the lessons more exciting and attractive.  




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