Learning is fun with storytelling!_ VanAnh- spa

Learning is fun with storytelling! It’s my thought when I learned the lesson by Mr.Phung Huy . Storytelling will give a wonderful learning world for children with many benefits. Firstly, telling a story for children can help them enhance listening skills and develop children’s ears for English language sounds as well as increase vocabulary and structures. Moreover, it also helps develop speaking skills by encouraging children to imitate what the characters say. Secondly, kids are free to imagine characters in the story, so it develops kids’thoughts and feelings . Thirdly, it is a good way to change kids’ learning environment, encourage cooperation between kids when acting as characters in the story. Finally , it gives moral lessons for children such as bravery, compassion…

However, Do you thinks it is really easy ? do you think that you just need to tell a story to  the children with the words like…” upon a time, there was…’’ and the children will listen to you?… I say “ No”. It is Not Easy and you need to Learn More about it.  Before telling the story, you can arrange the position of the student to make a suitable space and friendly atmosphere such as sitting in a circle, sitting in groups or pairs…The colorful pictures, flash- cars  about the characters in the story should to be prepared. The music can make the story more alive. While telling, you should avoid telling too fast or too slowly because if teacher speaks fast, it is difficult for students to understand the content of the story, but if teacher speaks too slowly, it will make students bored. Therefore, to attract students’ attention, you should change your voice with intonation in order to suitable to each characters’voice.. If teacher can make kids imagines that they are in real story, they will be attracted  and  really pay attention to the story. In addition, you should teach new words through images of the book, teacher’s gesture and ask children to practice. You should give questions to ensure that the kids is listening to story  and understand it . Finally, teacher can let students take part in some activities such as ordering the pictures follow the content of the story, role-play ….

In conclusion, if you want to change your method, storytelling is an effective way in teaching English for children. To become a successful storyteller, teacher also need to be active and confident or just a word “ animated”


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