MIs – Nguyen Thi Ha My

Before learning Primary Teacher Training Course, I always think that having only one object to know a person is intelligence or not. But after study this subject, I know more about this and I can define how are Multiple Intelligences (MIs). I know that MIs are divided into 7 types, they are: Verbal/ Linguistic intelligence, Logical/mathematical intelligence, Spatial/Visual intelligence, Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence, Musical intelligence, Interpersonal intelligence and Intrapersonal intelligence.

Firstly, people who good at being sensitive to words and sound and the use of language belong to Verbal/Linguistic intelligence. Therefore, they often like reading, writing, telling stories, playing word games, ect. To improve this intelligence, learners need books, tapes, writing tools paper diaries, dialogues, discussion, debate stories, poems, crossword puzzles, word-games,…

Secondly, people belong to Logical/mathematical intelligence group are peple prefer experimenting, questioning, solving problems, puzzles and calculating because they are good at seeing number patterns and following an argument.

Thirdly, children understand the visual world and respond very well are in Spatial/Visual intelligence group. This group includes some skills as reading, writing, understanding charts, sketching, painting, deigning practical objects.

Fourtly, children like dancing, running, mingling, building, gesturing are the children have Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence. So they need having more chances to role play, drama, movement, things to touch and feel, make things, physical/action games, experiences, hands-on learning, action songs/rhymes and stories.

Fifly, Musical intelligence group includes children are good at hearing and making sounds and rhythm in music. They improve some skills as singing, playing musical instruments, composing music, remembering melodies, understanding the structure and rhythm of music.

Sixly, children want to work with others and like organizing, discussing or chatting are the learners of Interpersonal group. They should work in pair orr group, play social games/activities,…

Fianally, Intrapersonal intelligence group includes children who like inside themselves as planning, reflecting, dreaming, being quite, analyzing themselves. Because they understand their own feelings and controlling their own behaviour. Therefore, they need work alone, independently, choose activities, write diaries, learning logs, to self evaluate/access.

I realize that every person will be good at a section,so it’s very difficult to say who’s better than others. This subject is so interesting!


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