Story telling is a good way to teach our children- Lê Thị Hoài Thu Group 03

Hello everyone! My full name is Lê Thị Hoài Thu from group 03. My writing today is “Story telling is a good way to teach our children”. Thanks for spending time and giving comments on my writing.tải xuống

As we know, storytelling is a good way to teach our children because of its benefits. Children can learn new things around their world through short stories of their mother‘s voice every night. In class, storytelling is a creative way for teacher to encourage their students concentrate on the lesson. Beside the attractive content, storytelling provides children with a good lesson about their life. And to make it more clearly to understand I provide some effective ways that storytelling can bring for our children.

Firstly, storytelling is a good method to help our children enhance their language skill.  As young children listen to a story, they can hear the inflections in speech and words presented in a compelling and fascinating way. Older children can expand their vocabulary and learn speaking skills that may serve them well in their career in the future. Clearly, students can learn many things through the story. Storytelling can help their children hear and learn the new words, the rhythm of the story. Furthermore, it is also a good chance for them to practice their speaking skill more smoothly and fluently.

Secondly, Storytelling brings a new world in each child. Obviously, storytelling opens children’s minds to the variety of many cultures in our world. It also develops the inner world of imagination and creative thinking of our children. Children also have good view about their life. Besides storytelling is also a way to bring history alive and bring a good new imagination for our children about the future

Thirdly, storytelling helps our children have a good memory. After hearing a story, children can children have to remember key points of the plot and character names in the story without books or illustrations. Then they can remember the content of the story and retell it to their friends or parents. This is a first step for children to practice writing a story of their own.

In conclusion, storytelling is a good way to teach our children. It is necessary for you to know how to tell a story attractively if you want to be a good teacher of English in primary school.


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