“Storytelling” and My Thoughts

After learning the lesson “Storytelling” and watching some videos made by British council from countries in the world, I would like to share some opinions to you.

Firstly, I want to say that this is a very important method in teaching English for young children. As we have known, children dislike learning in a strict environment. Therefore, this method will help them study effectively. This is because, most of stories are interesting that will let them into a colorful world. They will make the atmosphere happy and comfortable that help learners have motivation in learning and being more active. Stories have good results that teach them how to live and behave to each other well. Specially, teacher can use this way in teaching new words or grammatical structures. Students can remember new words or structures longer by using pictures or real objects. Furthermore, “Storytelling” also helps students to improve their listening and speaking skills.

Secondly, how to use this method in teaching young learners? This is the question that all of us have to answer by ourselves. Before telling a story, teacher has to prepare students to listen to the story. It means that teacher should give the background of the story by asking students what will happen then introduce some main characters by giving the pictures or key words. After that, how to tell a story in an interesting way is also necessary. Teacher has to put herself into the story by using different voices for different characters and gestures to catch students’ attention. Moreover, using facial expression and sounds (pig, cat, dog, ect) is very important. They will make the story become more realistic and vivid.

After learning this unit, I’m going to change my teaching method to motivate my learners through “storytelling”. I’m going to search some short, understandable stories for kids first. Then I will learn by heart one of them and prepare some necessary things relating to my story such as pictures, objects, or videos. Finally, I’m going to reheard it by using some performance and storytelling techniques that I learnt from this unit to make my story more and more interesting. I believe that if I try my best, I will have a successful lesson. What about you? I want to know about your opinions. Thanks for your reading!



One thought on ““Storytelling” and My Thoughts

  1. Hello Thao!
    I have just read your writing. I think that it is rather good and I’m attracted by it. Your writing is divided clearly 3 parts:
    Firstly, you mention to the reason why children enjoy listening stories and the useful of telling a story in teaching English. You said that children dislike learning in a strict environment. Moreover, the stories make the atmosphere happy and comfortable that help children motivate in learning. The teacher can teach new words, structures, listening, speaking in storytelling. I think it is good idea. I agree with you.
    Secondly, you mention to how to use storytelling in teaching English for children. You gave some ways to tell a story. It is correct, but I think you should give some examples to your writing become deeper. While storytelling, I want to add some ways in your writing. It is using clear voice and delivery; vary the pace, repeating key language, and making eye contact. Is it ok?
    Finally, you mention to your preparing to tell a story for children. I think you can make very good.
    In conclusion, your writing is rather good. I like it.

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