Successful storytelling!

Hello. My name is Nhu. This is my writing. Thanks for spending time on reading my writing and giving me your comments. Thank you so much!

I love kids so much. They are so natural and lovely. Therefore, when I have free time, I usually spend time on playing with them. It is reason why I want to become a primary school teacher. Therefore, I find out that this subject is very meaningful. It helps me know how to be closer with children, and from this unit of this week, I have known a good way that helps me do this is storytelling. Firstly, what is storytelling? Storytelling is relating a tale to one or more listeners through voices and gesture. Storyteller looks into audience’s eyes and recreates a series of mental images to make the audience think that they are looking real scenes. Secondly, there are some benefits of using storytelling in the classroom. It is believed that using storytelling not only helps students relax but also improves English for them. Story reading enhances listening skills and helps children to develop children’s ears for English language sounds. Moreover, it also helps develop speaking skills by encouraging children to imitate thoughts and ideas and communicate thoughts and feelings. Besides, it is a good way to encourage cooperation between students and their active participation and increase vocabulary and understanding language structures. Finally, there are many ways to use a story in the English classroom that the possibilities are practically endless. I will use some strategies that I have learned from this unit and combine with my own ways to make the change in my teaching.

Teaching English is not an easy work, specially teaching English for children. Children are very aggressive, and they like new things. Therefore, when teaching, sometimes teacher should change methods of teaching to make passion in learning for students. Most of children like colorful images, so I think that when telling story, teacher should hang or show colorful pictures or use powerpoint. In Vietnam, a class is quite large (about 30 students per a class), so pictures should be big enough. When introducing the story, teacher describes book cover, main characters. While telling, avoiding telling too fast is very important because if teacher speaks fast, it is difficult for students to understand the content of the story. In addition, storytelling is a good way to teach vocabulary, so teacher can teach new words through images of the book, teacher’s gesture. Moreover, to attract students’ attention, teacher can make the sounds of characters as they appear in the story or change voice with high and low tones. In addition, as students learn speaking skills, so teacher should tell louder and pay attention more to intonation and help children practice speaking activities. We know that there are many kinds of story for children but most of them like stories having animals that are characters. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that the key to successful storytelling is to tell stories kids want to hear. Moreover, kids often like doing everything themselves, so teacher can let them take part in some activities such as role-playing, ordering the pictures or singing a song together…I am sure that it is very interesting. Finally, one more thing you should remember is preparation. To have successful storytelling, it is very necessary to have careful preparation. It will help teacher feel more active and confident.

In conclusion, storytelling is an effective way in teaching English for children if teacher has good methods. And now I only want to say: “Lets’ try to create an effectively learning English environment for our children.”



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