Telling stories – Mai Thi Mai-N02- DTF1057010048

After learning this unit, I get much useful knowledge. Teaching English for children has many ways. Telling the story is one of the best ways. “Storytelling is a universal, traditional art form, that has featured strongly in all cultures as an effective communication tool. Important messages can be so skilfully conveyed through storytelling, as the listener is so entranced by the magic images the storyteller paints before your eyes. And it is in this way that we as educators of young children can promote their learning” by Louise Phillips.

This way brings many benefits to young learners. Firstly, story reading can enhance listening skills and help children develop children’s ear for English language sounds. Secondly, storytelling can help students understand the world around them by teaching them to create complex worlds with complex characters. Teachers can use stories to help children understand fear, love, diversity, friendship and other complex concepts that aren’t easily explained. Thirdly, stories help to increase vocabulary, understanding of language structures. Young learners learn vocabulary and hear words used in the correct context, which will help them to understand them. They will begin to understand the concept of a word through repetition, rhyming,….Next, stories allow for the natural and enjoyable repetition of words and phrases. Students learn to put words and phrases together in logical sentences and paragraphs. Finally, children can follow a story even if they don’t understand what these words are.

Moreover, I also receive that teacher should use performance techniques and storytelling techniques when telling a story.

Some performance techniques the teacher use to bring the story alive are changing different voices for different characters, loud and soft voices, using mine and gesture,  pictures or real objects. For example, in my story there is a character called “chicken”, I can use a picture about chicken to describe it. Children not only understand concept of “chicken” but also feel interesting with the story.

There are many storytelling techniques for enhancing young learner’s understanding of the story such as using clear voice and delivery, varying the pace, using pauses to create tension and time for understanding, making eye contact, using facial expressions, repeating key language, ….

In conclusion, telling stories is a good way to teach english for young learners. However, we also should not misuse techniques. The harmonious combination of techniques to create highly effective for children’s learning


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