The steps and advantages of storytelling.

When finishing the lesson “storytelling for children”, I see that it is useful to young learners. They are also attracted by stories.

We have many ways to teach English for children. In my opinion, storytelling is the most important technique which help children attract to the lesson. Children love listening to stories because they are fun. Storytelling is good for both the listener and the teller. For many people, storytelling for children is most dependent on having story books available. We want to encourage you to put the book down and actually experience the joy of watching a child become immersed in the story. When telling story, storyteller needs to be immersed in the experience with real storytelling.

To understand how to tell a story we should follow steps. Firstly, we need to have an interesting story to tell. The key of storytelling is to provide listeners with a good story. When telling a story, you should focus on your audience and find a interesting story to tell. Secondly, use hand motions to emphasize the story. We will catch a listener’s attention plus make the storytelling exciting. Thirdly, we should use facial expressions. When a character in the story is sad or happy and pays attention to the mood of the story. Fourth, we allow our voice to be expressive. We need to give the characters different voices to attract to the lesson.

Story telling is an art that has mental, social and educational benefits on children. People of all ages love stories. Children are great fans of stories and love to listen to them. Storytelling literally means reading out stories to them or just telling a story from the memory to them. It is becoming a lost art today as many parents find very little time to spend with kids as the hustle and bustle of life demands them to reserve more time for the needs of life. Storytelling is a great activity of learning.  There are a lot of advantages of storytelling. The first advantage is to sharpen their imagination. Children will make their own visualization from any story they heard. They will learn to create their own image such as the situation and the characters of the certain story. Gradually, the visualization they make will be helpful to improve their creativity. The second advantage is giving effective media for children to learn moral values and ethics as well as stimulate them to have empathy.  The third is to grow their reading interest. Hearing a lot of stories is potential in growing their interest in reading books. They might start from any story books as their first reading material.

In short, storytelling is a great method to teach English for children, so we need to tell many stories to children more. It is my opinion about storytelling. Thank you for your reading.


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