After I have learned the lesson “why tell stories” I got a meaningful method to teach English language for kids. The main things  I realized that  storytelling is the art in which a teller conveys a message, truths, information, knowledge, or wisdom to an audience – often subliminally – in an entertaining way, using whatever skills, (musical, artistic, creative) or props he chooses, to enhance the audience’s enjoyment, retention and understanding of the message conveyed. Stories are sometimes told purely for joy and delight. Moreover, Stories can serve multiple functions in the classroom, including sparking student interest, aiding the flow of lectures, making material memorable, overcoming student resistance or anxiety, and building rapport between the instructor and the students, or among students themselves.

As an instructor, the teacher can depend on the plot, context or character of the stories to teach children the vocabulary, structure or pronunciation. Storytelling is useful ways to help children learn English language, which help children feel interesting and learn the lesson easily. Inaddition, How storytelling can be used successfully right across the curriculum – in reading, writing, history, science and many other subjects – in both primary and secondary schools, to benefit both teachers and students. Storytelling is useful in multi cultural education; it can assist in creating classroom communities; in improving students’ emotional health; enhancing childrens’ grasp of our social and environmental responsibilities.

Teacher can help children to improve their listening skill through story reading, children can develop their earns and English language sound. Furthermore, story reading helps develop speaking skills by encouraging children to express the ideas and their thought. It can help children follow the story even if they do not understand what these words are. However, storytelling is not only take the book and read, it need to many elements to teach successful. To read a story successful:

Firstly, teacher should prepare some pictures or real objects to help children understand the story. Secondly, the story teacher read should use different voices for different characters, loud or soft voices and uses clear, simple language. Lastly, teacher can support understanding and create interest with action and gestures, make eye contact, use pauses to create tension and time for understanding, use facial expressions or repeat key language.

I think that storytelling is a means for sharing and interpreting experiences. It can be used as a method to teach ethics, values, and cultural norms and differences. Storytelling is used as a tool to teach children English language, through the story children can learn about the values of life and good behavior.


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