brain research (do thi lan -k33)

As you know, the brain is the most important organ of the body. For many years, the most researchers believed that each person was born with a certain number of brain cells. However, how does the brain develop and form? And how does it affect in the mature process of each person.

There are many factors which affected to the development and formation process of human brain, but have three basic factors: genetic, environment and education.

Firstly, genetic is the necessary material premise and base of formation and development of human brain, but it do not decide to the development of brain. For example: if a child was born by the good or intelligent parents, so that kid is also as very intelligent as her/his parents.

Secondly, environment has the important role, but it does not also decide to the development and formation of human brain. A stimulation environment creates more connection in the brain, so teachers and parents must take advantage of the windows of opportunity that occur in children between the ages of 2 and 11 by providing an enriched and challenging educational environment. Windows of opportunity are critical periods in the brain’s development, when the brain is most susceptible to input and most receptive to establishing neural connections that foster memory and learning. For Example: a child was born in a good condition and her/his parent spent a lot of time to take care of her/him. Besides, he/she is also train greatly in school, so the brain of this brain will be capable of developing better.

Thirdly, education is the dominant role in development process. Although a kid is very intelligent that is inherited from her/his parent or harboured in a good condition, this kid lacks of looking after or taking care of his/her parent and he/she is trained effectively in the school. Therefore, his/her brain cannot develop totally. For example: a child is very intelligent and born in a rich family, but his parent is very busy with their work, they has many time to look after him and his teacher do not care really student. This makes him be fallen many void games, his studying is declined.

Thus, the education in child age is an important period because this period will decide totally personality and brain of child. If you want to become a teacher who instruct and train kids, has to look after about characters, hobbies, psychological, intelligence, family conditions and so on. From those, you can take the training methods which are suitable with characters of each kid.

The more children grow, the more they are intelligent. When the conscience and vigor develop, the reason is also change. The studying of children can begin practicing from four to five ages. However, we need have the suitable and scientific methods, this studying is effective. In contrast, if we are mistake about any methods, we can damage the brain and spirit of the children. This means the children cannot be more intelligent, but also dull. Thus, we have to be very careful when choosing methods to teach them.

In conclusion, soul of the children likes a white paper, we want to ingrain any color, this soul will become this color.  The human brain is as well as the soul. If we are not careful in the training method, the brain of children will be more slowly development, event it can become more serious.


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