Bui Thi Yen K33

 Today, English is considered as a compulsory subject. Therefore, students  must make familiarize oneself with English in primary school. Teaching Enghish is not similar to the other subjects. It requires the teachers have not only a wide knowledge but also a good method. In addition, each rate of age asks a different method from the teachers. Thus, the teachers must be flexible in applying teaching method. In my oppinion, Teaching English by telling the story is very interesting and useful method.

  According to David Vale and Ann Feunteun, children would learn how to be audience when they were 3-4 years old. Because at this time, they would take a shape of worldview and imagination by getting in touch with stories in daily life. Be a teacher of English, you can completely do this advantagous by using stories in teaching English. Telling the story is a special teaching and learning method. It asks the students to pay attention in the teachers’ stories. Generally, children almost concentrate on the stories. Moreover, they also feel elated when teachers tell a new story, which is not find in the other methods.  When children hear a story, their brain will carry out a process mentality. Fisrtly, they maybe imagine some pictures in their mind about something that they are heard. Then, they can imagine  what will happen. They will look back on themselves with the characters and the events in the stories based on their experiences. Finnaly, children will evaluate something they got from the stories basing on their standard. Therefore, the reaction of each chidren is different because it depend on their comprehendences. And teacher can use children’s comprehend about the stories to ask student discuss with each other.

 Teaching English by telling story bring many benefits. Teachers can teach by telling the stories or asking children tell story with each other. Children can act as characters in stories, which reduces the stress of  text with many many words. children will feel free in lesson when teachers use story to teach them. Exactly, they can’t realize what they are between learning and playing. Moreover, this method will make children to be more confident in their using languge. 


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