Story telling (do thi lan -k33)


After learning the lesson “Story telling”, the main things I have learned about meaningful of using story in the teaching Language. Firstly, it only helps children practice the expensive and intonation reading skills and listening skill but also creates to be fun and interesting in reading English language. Secondly, using language in the context will help children learn more effectively and memorably. Moreover, I also have learned how to tell a story?, some activities used to tell a story for younger learners, and performance techniques which are manner, voice and gesture. The kids very love color and image, so we do not forget to use some picture in lesson, even the music to attract kids. This helps children remember each detail more.

And after learning this unit, I’m going to change my teaching method to motivate my learners through “storytelling”. I will find some short and easy stories which can help children memorize quickly. Because these stories can help me improvise adding my own words or phrases and they are easier to respond to the children. Besides, I will use some fun music and picture. When teaching, I always keep eye contact with the kids and I can move around the classroom, use my body, and act more. I believe that if I try my best, I will have a successful lesson.


One thought on “Story telling (do thi lan -k33)

  1. Hi, Lan. My name is Xuan. Thank you for sharing!
    It is meaningful and interesting writing. I have the same idea with you. I agree with you that story is effective tool for teaching English. Students can imagine about life and around world. Futhermore, student can actine in stories. In my opinion, through stories, student can learn baout vcabulary, grammar, structure, intonation when telling. Specialy, children can role- play as character in story to express feeling. So, your lesson can motivate, unsad, more active . When story telling, you can use picture to lesson more lively.
    This is all my comment. Once more, thank you for sharing !

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