story telling

After learning about the way to tell a story for kids, I know that story telling is a necessary activity to children. ”Storytelling is a universal, traditional art form, that has featured strongly in all cultures as an effective communication tool.” (Louis Philips) It not only develops children’s imagination but also create a comfortable atmosphere.

Firstly, children are very sensitive. They cannot be under pressure so that we need something comfortable and funny for them. Story telling is the best choice. When we use Story telling that means we have to use a lot of pictures, colours. Moreover, teachers can use gestures, postures to describe to children. This activity can motivate children easily and take their attention.

Secondly, through story telling, the amount of knowledge is transmitted. They are new words in pictures, through gestures, sounds, the structures that teachers use while teaching. Teachers can ask student to read aloud together or role play and they will make them easier to remember. For example, when teacher tell a story that characters are animals, she can use sounds or gestures to describe the name of that animals like the sound of cat or dog, etc…That is one way to motivate children by creating a competitive environment.

Furthermore, children learn everything through imitating so they can surely remember the details of stories through imitating the action that teachers ask them to do. Anyway, storytelling is the good way in teaching for children.

After learning about this, I have some conclusions:

Because children cannot distinguish between the fantastic things and reality so that we have to help them distinguish to avoid immersing themselves in unreal world. Then, we have to ask them to imagine or role play like the characters in the story to help them remember well. Teacher can use real things to help them easy to understand.

To sum up, storytelling is a good way to teach children but not all teachers know how to tell a story effectively and attractively. That’s why we have to learn to know children’s psychology and how to organize a story in the most effective way.



One thought on “story telling

  1. Hi Nhung.
    Thank for your sharing. It is good idea. I concern many things about storytelling in your writing. You helped me get more clearly understand about storytelling. However, I have some ideas to add for you. Through the story student can learned more than its possible. It is the lesson about moral, social responsibility or experience hidden behind the story which is got by self of student. Thank to this purpose or characteristic, we need to get any song, chant or story to give deep lesson to student within memory, knowledge and many skills. Furthermore, drama following the story is chances to student express their MIs and language.

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