Children very like listening stories and they are usually told stories such as fairy tales by their grandparents, parents and teachers. Each story has many close characters with their age. Moreover, story telling makes children happy, interested and relaxing after hard school. Children are more confident and build their characteristics when they role play with characters in each story. They can express story by themselves and practice speaking, pronouncing and intonating. It is necessary to give story telling in the class.

Therefore, teacher has to know how to tell story excitingly. That requires teacher has a careful preparation, loves jobs, children and can understand children’s psychology, know what they want and they like most. To teach this subject well, teacher needs to find and research material which support story telling on internet, radio or books. Teacher should play as a character in story, try to express similarly to this character by body language or more. Then teacher asks children to role play all characters. Children very like this activity. Through story telling, children can improve some skills:

–         Monologue skill: children can retell this story by their way, their language and their feelings. They know see pictures and create own their story base on these pictures or order pictures suitably with content of story.

–         Dialogue skill: children know divide the roles and express story again. They are able to use some factors such as gesture, lineament to tell story. That makes story more interesting.

–         Listening skill: children can hear and understand story, retell and give comments about content which is emphasized from story.

To help children reach 3 skills above, teacher need to spend more time and love to prepare. Because students are children so teacher should choose stories which are short, easy to understand and give pictures to illustrate. Besides, teacher needs to encourage children to tell story confidently, do not criticize children when they have mistakes. A comfortable atmosphere is very important to stimulate interests of children.

In conclusion, story telling is one of the best ways to teach children so teacher should choose suitable methods to make it get high efficiency.


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