Telling story- an effective way


Hi everyone! Today I would like to share my experiences after learning the lesson ” using storytelling to tech English for young learners” to you.

When I was a child, I liked my mother or father telling stories for me. It was very interesting and fun. There are many special characters who I can’t forget until now such as princesses, princes, Tam, and so on. These stories influenced in my growth and my feeling so much. Nowadays, I am adult and continuing to learn about story telling in teaching English for younger students. Actually, through my experience I know that it is an effective way to teach English for children.

After learning the lesson “Story telling”, the main things I have learned are some activities used to tell a story for younger learners and performance techniques which are manner, voice and gesture that teachers should care. First of all, I can use some activities to tell a story such as using pictures, real objects, cards, listening and predicting words and events, making the sound of a character as it appears. Moreover, telling a story will get effective result if the teacher do well their performance techniques. For example, Teacher must continually interact with students; animate all activities in the classroom; in terms of voice and gesture, teacher need control and change her voice follow each character or act out some character’s voices. Therefore, to motivate my learners, I’m going to change my teaching that I will use a short, suitable story for my lesson and use activities to tell a story effectively, especially express my performance techniques by the best way. After I implement my change, I feel this change can motivate my learners to learn better. They were interested in my story. Thus, my students are very active on getting new knowledge, new vocabulary. Next time, I try the same idea, to make it more successful I will choose a story more careful and more suitable with my lesson and use maximally activities to tell a story.

In conclusion, telling story has a big influence in teaching English for younger learners, so we should combine telling story with other methods to help learners have the best result in learning English.

Thank for your reading!


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