How to teach English well

Study is necessary duty of pupils. This is important change in their brain development. Study require not only intelligent level but also hard working, effort. When pupils evolve from nursery school into primary school, they have some disdvantages in the first stage.

The first thing  is the change of habit, such as get up early, go to school regularly, learn by heart, do homework, bring enough book, notebook, pencil, pen…

The final difficulty is changeable activity. Before going to school, children only live, play game, dance, sing a song, are taken care of by their family, grandparents,… Now they are studied, taken part in the class, taught by teachers.

So teachers must have teaching methods which is suitable for pupils. They help children to be used to study many subjects, especially English. Pupils

learn English while playing game by visual aids. Teacher explain vocabulary by pictures, sound, mime,… to children in order to know fast a lesson. In English book ( Let’s go 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B) have four parts: T- talk, S- sing, P- play, C- colour which pupils very love. We can advise pupils to play a role so that they practise regularly English and they feel happy, active. For example, pupils work in pair or in group, play a role as a cat, dog, duck, cow, chicken,… A ask B ” What’s your name ?” B answers ” My name’s duck” and sounds ” Quack! Quack! Quack!”. Besides, teacher should give a thing to pupils such as ball, car, notebook, book, ruler,.. and ask them ” what is this?” or  ” What is that?” so they answer easily and increase listening, speaking skills. In Unit 6 ( Let’s go 1B) Let’s sing ” How’s the weather ?” Teacher  should present video on the power point to children and require them to stand up, sing, and mime ( jump, dance, roll…)

I think that children are very illteligent, active, good but sometimes lazy, so we need notice psychological and physical younger. Nguyen Thi Binh minister talked that pupils are dawn of life. Task of teacher have to make pure dawn.


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