Storytelling _ Nguyễn Lương K33

Hi everyone!

After having learnt about some methods in teaching, I have been really interested in storytelling technique. When I was a child, I loved stories my mother told me. They impacted on me a lot and I strongly believe that you also like listening to stories like me, is this right? Yes. Today I want to share you about benefits of storytelling to teach English for students, especially for children in primary school, and what Teachers should do when using storytelling.

Firstly, stories are very interesting which motivate students in the class. They make students feel excited in class because the characters are princess, prince or animals, etc. It’s good for children to image about the world in the stories and image that they are one of them. It is imagination that is the key for children creativity later. Secondly, Storytelling gives a lot of vocabulary to children. This way is easy to teach children about the meanings of the words and children can remember words faster than usual. Another benefit of storytelling is that it can enhance listening skill of children. Instead of talking, children listen and understand what teacher says and moreover, the words and phrases will repeat every day, this makes children can remember words longer and longer. Storytelling is the good ways which can help children imitate intonation, stress or linking of the words or phrases when teacher pronounces. Finally, storytelling has an important value that is building background knowledge for children about morality lessons. Most of stories describe about good and bad characters, since that they teach children what should do and should not do in daily life.

From these benefits above, I realized that teachers should use this method to teach students, especially children in primary school. Storytelling is very interesting, however using this method to teach children is not difficult, but is not easy. Teachers need to have not only performance techniques but also storytelling techniques to make stories fun and meaningful. Storytelling techniques that mean teachers should use clear and simple language, repeat key language, use stress, emphasis to bring out meaning, use different voices, use clear voice and delivery, vary the pace, use pauses to create tension and time for understanding, make eye contact, support understanding and create interest with action and gestures, use facial expressions. In addition, performance techniques are very important. Depending on the contexts and characters of each story, teachers should use pictures and real objects, mime and gesture, different voices, loud or soft voice to make the story more attractive and vivid.

Storytelling is the good method to teach children. When I become a teacher of English, I will use this method to teach my students in many different ways depending on they are in primary school, secondary or high school.


2 thoughts on “Storytelling _ Nguyễn Lương K33

  1. hi there!
    Thanks Luong! I have to say that something you have shared here is very useful for all students in our class. There is something to be said for teaching English for young learners by storytelling, as you have mentioned. In my opinion, you understood the lesson about the language methodology deeply. 🙂 I am sure that! Because you also pointed out the benefits of storytelling and the ways the teacher can apply it to the lesson effectively!
    Apparently, to be a good language teacher, especially, primary teacher, we must use a lot of skills and knowledge in every fields, such as music, storytelling, and so on. However, I believe that you can do it well after you will have finished this course. Certainly, when we have understood and explained smoothly the theory about storytelling, we will complete the task easily and successfully in our own ways.
    Good luck to u on the task!

  2. Thanks for your writting a lot, Luong.
    I have found some useful benefits from using storytelling method in teaching English for primary students through your assignment. As you mentioned, storytelling can help students learn vocabulary, pronunciation and meaningful lessons. On other words, they understand English quickly by seeing pictures, real objects or teachers’ performance. One other thing is that students will imitate words’ pronunciation and then repeat. Thanks to the benefits above, we know that it is necessary for a English teacher to tell a story in her classroom. However, there is a question how to tell a story successfully?. For the teacher, we need many skills as well as deep knowledge about this method in order to perform stories effectively. And it is important to say that teachers should have enthusiasm in teaching for younger learners.

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