storytelling and my opinion

When I was child, my parents usually told short stories for me. I love some characters until now. And after finishing the lesson ” Why tell stories”, I know more about the performances and storytelling techniquues while telling. It’s very helpful to my future job.
the first thing is the preparation to listen to the story.The teacher can use pictures or real objects. For example, teacher can get students to order the pictures follow the content of story that they want or think, also can get students to describe the cover picture of story.
The second thing is that how to attract the attention and ensure all students are actively while telling. There are some performances: using the different voices ( loud and soft voices) for different characters, mime to help the children to guess the word’s meaning, using gestures and actions to explain the new words. Like the video I watched in last lesson, the korea teacher dance, sing while explaining the meaning. The teacher can ask some question such as what happen next… or get students to repeat key words and act according those words.
Finally, the teacher can check the kid’s understanding about the content of story. There are some useful activities for enhancing knowledge. After telling the story, teacher should draw the moral from the story. If it have spare time, teacher get students to play one characters..
In conclusion, storytelling is very useful for us and the students. It help students develop the listening and speaking skills, increase vocabulary, understanding of language structures, follow the sroty even if they don’t understand the key words. So all of us should notice this lesson, we’ll improve our teaching skill


2 thoughts on “storytelling and my opinion

  1. Thanks Dung, your writting pointed out quite detail what a English teacher should carry out for storytelling.
    As you mentioned, children like learning by describing pictures so much and then discovering the content of story. They will feel themselves in those stories. Therefore, chidren can learn indirectly without sitting down table seriously. One other useful thing in your writting is that you gave some teachers’ performance such us: speaking different sounds or voices, gestures, postures, actions to explain new words. I think it is great method for children’ learning vocabulary. Through storytelling, students can study a lot of different skills: listening, speaking, imagining, gessing, widening vocabulary as well as understanding some simple structures. Both you and I will be English teachers in the future, so we should use this method in teaching.

  2. Hello Dung, I’m Van Anh
    First of all, thank you for your sharing. Your writing talks about storytelling such as preparing before telling story, how to attract the attention and ensure all students and some activities which help students to play characters and understand the story. I’m totally agree with them.
    According to your writing, storytelling is one of the good way to develop the listening and speaking skills, increase vocabulary, understanding of language structures for students. Story often use simple vocabulary and grammar so it is easy for students to understand. Moreover, teacher often use gesture, posture, etc to explain words or action of characters. Therefore, students have more opportunities to develop their language ability. They can guess and read out new words, imagine the characters’ action and play with their classmates.
    This is my comment. Once a gain, thank you so much!

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