My students are very interested in the puppetries when studying English story

     How do you feel after 2 weeks of making a video film with storytelling? I always love literature and stories; however I have never thought that I will teach the children to study it. When my teacher told us that: You have to teach English for children by telling a story! I even thought to myself: Oh my god? …. However, when starting with this work, I find it’s very interesting to do it however this work is not very easy.

     Firstly, I took a lot of time to choose a suitable story. My student is only 7 years old. They have different hobby with adults. I asked some children around my guesthouse about what kind of story they love the most? Luckily, Most of them like allegory stories and funny stories. And of course, the short story will make a child feel more pleased than a long story. Poor children may succumb to sleep with a long and boring story. After 3 days of thinking, I decided to choose: “The Turtle and Rabbit story” because of its meaning and content. It is also provided many new words of animals and their activities for children.

     Secondly, I thought about the way to organize the lesson. Children are usually active. Therefore, I will stabilize our class by singing a habitual song with our students. And before starting the story, I asked my students do some quizzes which are concentrating on the main topic. For example, what kind of animals like eats carrot? They will find the answer easily and then I describe the actions and characteristics of this animal. This away, our students can study new words by remembering my actions and imitating it. It’s not only makes the class joyful but also animated in the learning atmosphere. The next step is telling story. After telling the story, there is an important step which is often forgotten by some young teachers. It’s said again the main points of the story and takes out the necessary lesson.

     And lastly, I will introduce you about the step which I like the most and our experiences. As you know, there are many ways to tell a story: reorder picture, using poster, using video, puppetry and so on. Have ever you thought about combining these ways? I combined reorder picture, poster and puppetry methods to have an interesting lesson. I even have to make the puppetry by myself and it’s not easy. Although my puppetries are not really beautiful but our students are really loves it. Let’s wait to see my video of teaching English story for children. I make sure that it will make you surprised. Furthermore, I also like the game “role play” when children performs. And I think that they bids fair to become a great actor or actress. However, their main mission always is learning. They need to study more and more to make theirs dream come true.

     To sum up, Storytelling is the good way of teaching English for student. It makes children interested in the lesson and ardent learning. However, we should consider the suitable methods for each class and each age to get a good result.


One thought on “My students are very interested in the puppetries when studying English story

  1. Firstly, I want to thank for your sharing. I really impressive with your writing because it is very practical. I completely agree that storytelling is a good way of teaching English for children. I really like a point that you pay attention to age of children to choose a suitable story because I think that each of age has different knowledge and characteristics. In addition, teacher should have a clear organization and specific steps. During telling story, you give a lot of activities and teaching aids which are attractive to students. I think that your ideas will help me have a interesting and effective storytelling lesson. Thank you once again!

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