some thoughts of storytelling

As we know, teaching language to young learners very differs from teaching language to adults. For some reasons, don’t like adults, children can’t participate in a lesson for a long time; it’s very easy for them to notice something or somebody which appears suddenly such as: butterfly, someone else out a window …children is quite naughty and curious, and they want to discover something round them so how do teachers attract them into their lessons? You all know, one of some useful teaching methods to lead children’s interest is storytelling. Lets’ me show you my interest in stories.

When I was a kid, I very like fairy tales which always have happy ending and the most important thing I had learnt from them is “one good turns deserves another & gratitude is the sign of noble souls”. Basing on that, I have learnt how to be a good person like my mommy said. Moreover, stories bring to me much knowledge about the life that a primary pupil as me very pry and many of them I still remember now. Alright, come back to my topic, storytelling still applies in primary schools in present and it is one of some interesting class children prefer because they don’t need to focus on math or literature, they can understand characters in the story, create the next scene, guess the ending, play role or act as someone they like and that is really funny. This is not only the way to explore the world but also the effective way to learn foreign language. There are many famous Vietnamese stories or foreign stories such as: Tam Cam, Thanh  Giong, So Dua, the little match girl, the little mermaid… All of them have messages to teach children about the life, person, behavior…

However, organizing an effective storytelling lesson is not easy, I think so. First of all, it’s content; it’s concordant for all children’s levels in class. It may be higher a little to encourage the curiosity of them. But a story is easy to guess or difficult to understand can make the contrast results. Children can’t interest in this story so that they can combine to teacher in this lesson. Moreover, need to ensure that children all understand the background of the story or teacher can introduce if they don’t know especially foreign stories. One more thing, teacher needs to have good preparation about this story such as: voice, gesture, body language, picture or video, task-basing card… For example, the voice can be raised up or down accordantly the context of the story and be slow, clear, loud to ensure that all children can hear you. Furthermore, body language & gesture don’t be missed. If teachers just stand and tell the story in the normal way, it seems to be reading not telling. And pictures & video are very interesting and attractive way to take participates of children in the story. In addition, to help children join in the lesson, teacher can suggest them to play role, play drama, do task-based cards or ask them to arrange the order of the story by using pictures… they not only join in the story but also remember easier new words and story so that they can use this language to retell this story to parents, older sister… or may tell their own story. I think it is the purpose of storytelling.

In short, this is my thoughts of using storytelling in teaching foreign language to young learner. I hope that storytelling is still used widely and effectively as an easy and interesting method in teaching language for primary pupils.



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